Rawhide Textures

Let the textured stye of Rawhide make a statement on your next project.  This modern finish brings depth and visual integrity to residential and commercial projects.  The scratch-resistant coating and subtle texture make Rawhide the perfect choice for long lasting roofing, siding and interior design.

Rawhide finishes have been tested for the tightest bends to ensure outstanding formability without losing style or integrity.  This finish stands up to solvents ensuring excellent adhesion of coating to the steel surface.

Rustic rawhide metal texture finish

Rustic Rawhide™ - Patent Pending

Dark walnut metal textured finish

Dark Walnut

Hickory rawhide textured metal finish


Hartford Green rawhide textured finish

Hartford Green

Chili powder metal textured finish

Chili Powder

Apache rawhide textured metal finish


Ash gray metal textured finish

Slate Gray

Slate gray metal textured finish

Ash Gray

Slate gray rawhide textured finish

Steel Gray

Coal black metal textured finish

Coal Black

Burnished slate rawhide textured finish

Burnished Slate