Structural Mechanical Lock in Bonderized

Structural Mechanical Lock in Bonderized

Structural Mechanical Lock in Bonderized

2'' Structural Mechanical Lock Roofing

A commercial grade panel that is mechanically seamed and installed with a floating or fixed clip system. Ideal for low slopes, wide spans and open purlin systems. With a 2" tall rib this structural panel can span open purlings up to 5' depending on load restrictions.  

Panels can be produced flat or with striations. Bridger Steel recommends striations to minimize oil canning. Backer rod may be applied under flat panel application to help minimize oil canning. (Oil canning is not a cause for rejection.)

This panel can be radiused into beautiful architectural curves. Add arcs, curves, and waves to your project designs. Radius panels are perfect for dormers, archways, entries, statement details, and much more.


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Panel Profile

2 Inch Structural Mechanical Lock



  • Bridger Steel recommends a floating clip system for all panels exceeding 30'. 
  • Can be installed over an open purlin system or solid substrate.
  • Mechanical Lock Panel must be double seamed.  
  • Mastic tape can be applied for superior weather tightness.
  • This panel can be manufactured at job site to greatly reduce the risk of damage during transportation. 
  • Protective film can be applied to panels for added protection at customer's request or at Bridger Steel's recommendation.


Product Documentation

Download 2'' Structural Mechanical Lock documents here

Install Guide

Panel Profile

Trim Profiles

26 GA Standard Color Chart

24 GA Standard Color Chart

24 GA Specialty Finishes Color Chart



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