3' Dakota Drain Siding Panel

Bridger Steel's most economical interior/exterior panel with clean lines, it can be used for agricultural, commercial and residential applications. Featuring a 5 degree overbend on overlap combined with an anti-siphon groove on under lap for superior weather tightness. 

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Panel Profile

3 inch Dakota Drain Panel Sketch



  • 3' Dakota Drain Panel may be installed over an open purlin system or a solid substrate. 
  • If applied over an open purlin system, the purlin spacing can be up to a maximum of 2'. 
  • If used for a roofing application, use bead mastic on the overlap. 
  • Uses the highest quality 80k - 120k tensile strength steel.


Product Documentation

Download 3' Dakota Drain Panel documents here.

Install Guide

Panel Profile

Trim Profiles

29 Gauge Color Chart

26 Gauge Color Chart





We coat our panels with the highest quality and most advanced Ceramic Impregnated Silicon Modified Polyester (CSMP) paint system available. Our standard colors come with a lifetime film integrity and 30 year chalk and fade warranty. 

Matching trim and accessories are also available in all colors for a finished professional look.