6025 Structural Panel

6025 Structural Panel

6025 Structural Panel

6025 Structural Panel

6025 is one of the structurally strongest panels on the market. With superior impact resistance, a non-groove joint to keep weather locked out, and unparalleled strength; 6025 can withstand almost anything you can throw at it. 

Use this panel for decking, siding, interior or exterior panels for commercial, residential, and agricultural projects. This panel is just as comfortable on the job as it is on the farm. Bold, wide ribs compliment any modern or industrial style projects, and create the strength needed for structural or decking material for big building projects. Ranchers love it for wind fences to protect livestock and equipment. Whether you use 6025 for its stylish appeal or hard working structure, it won’t let you down.

6025 Structural Panel Bridger Steel


  • Not Available at roofing
  • Can be used as decking with 6025 with minor rib
  • Can be used at a structional “b” Decking as Roofing Substrate

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