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Creating Montana Steel

For many years, steel was used in Montana to cover sheds, barns, and shops. When Bridger Steel opened it's doors in 1996, it did so with the goal of bringing a new level of quality to the term Montana Steel.

Since then we continue to innovate and drive the industry forward, creating new panels, colors and options for our community and the nation through convenient shipping and delivery routes.

Our Company

Bridger Steel opened its doors in Bozeman, MT in 1996 when owner, Dennis Johnson, realized farmers, ranchers and homeowners needed better access to high quality metal panels in the American West.

At Bridger Steel we manufacture unique, durable and beautiful metal roofing, siding, interior and accent panels for homes, businesses, farms and ranches.

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Join our Bridger Steel family.  We offer great benefits, competitive wages, a supportive working atmosphere and cake on your birthday. See below for job openings in production, administration, CDL drivers, and more in each of our  six locations.

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