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All Purpose Panel Systems

Exposed Fastener Panels for General Use

What are All Purpose Panels?

All Purpose metal panels are designed for general use and easy installation. Most of these panels come in 3' panel widths and can be installed by DIY enthusiasts. Built for durability and longevity, these panel systems are very adaptable to the design of the building depending on the finish chosen.

3' Tuff Rib

Exposed Fasteners

Bridger Steel's Tuff Rib panels are durable and have a traditional profile that can be used for interior and exterior, residential, commercial and agricultural applications. An extremely strong metal panel, Tuff Rib was created to handle a wide variety of needs while offering an appealing profile.

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3' Tuff-Rib Metal Panels

Platte River 

Exposed Fasteners, Interlocking

Bridger Steel's Platte River Panel was designed as an extremely low profile siding or interlocking interior panel. With clean, subtle lines this panel is a wonderful siding option at a economical price. Platte River, like all of our Traditional Series panels, can be used in residential, commercial or agricultural applications.

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Platte River Metal Panel

Purlin Bearing Rib

Exposed Fasteners

Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) is one of the strongest exposed fastener metal panels on the market. Use over open purlins, commercial buildings or give your project an industrial flair with this durable metal panel.  

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