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    Hail Resistant Roof

    Bridger Steel offers a variety of profiles that are designed to stand up against very strong wind gusts.  Our recommended Hail Resistant metal panels have undergone some of the stricted impact testing on the market.  Among all weather panel designs the top performing panels are the 2" Structural Mechanical Lock standing seam panel, and the 7/8" Corrugated Structural panel.

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      Residential Markets

      Heavy Snow Roof Loads

      In mountain regions around the country, a roof's ability to handle high snow volumes becomes vital in the winter months.  When choosing a roof in high-volume snow regions, knowing your roof is designed to handle high volumes allows our customers to rest a little easier during blizzards.

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        Commercial Metal Panels

        Wind Resistant Roofing

        Bridger Steel offers a variety of profiles that are designed to stand up against very strong wind gusts.  Our products are tested in Florida against hurricane force winds before receiving their UL certification for wind uplifts.  In Montana, where gusts frequent 70+ mph, our panels are tested on a daily basis while protecting our customers and their families successfully.

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          architectural metal panels

          Extreme Temperatures

          In Montana the temperate can swing 40-50 degrees in a matter of minutes.  Desert regions, and regions along the Rockies need an all weather panel designed to handle these swings in temperature.  Bridger Steel has a number of options to keep your metal panel from oil-canning, and keeping it's original form for the life of the panel.

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            All Weather Panel

            Heavy Rainfall Roof

            While the sound of rain falling on a metal roof is considering by many as a soothing and relaxing sound, certain metal roofs handle leak protection better than others.  Bridger Steel has designed a number of our panels to feature an anti-siphon groove to help in regions prone to periods of heavy rainfall.

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