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Bridger Steel Project News, Highlights & Helpful Tips

What is Charred Wood (Shou Sugi Ban)?

[fa icon="calendar'] 05/23/2018 / by Steve Collins posted in Metal Siding, Interior Metal, DIY, Colors

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What Is Charred Wood?

Charred Wood is the process of lightly applying open flame to a wood plank to char the surface of the board.  The charred exterior helps to weatherproof the siding and act as a deterrent to insects.

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Hail Roofing: Choosing the Right Roof

[fa icon="calendar'] 08/14/2017 / by Steve Collins posted in Metal Roofing, Sustainability

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Is There A Hail Proof Roofing?

At this point in time, there is no solution that provides a hail proof solution. Hail stones can travel at speeds up to 110mph and grow to softball-sized stones.  Aside from a concrete slab, no traditional roofing materials can come away from these types of hail stones without being dented or damaged. 

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Project Highlight: Great Country Timber Frames in Connecticut

[fa icon="calendar'] 04/30/2017 / by Morgan Scott posted in Metal Siding, Metal Roofing, Colors

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The Old West is known for its rustic charm and rugged landscapes. That is why homeowners and designers love to use the Wild West as design inspiration for residential and commercial spaces, even on the East Coast.

One company that is witnessing this first hand is Great Country Timber Frames out of Conneticut. "There’s a strong nostalgia for the West in the East Coast, where Cape- and Colonial-style homes & businesses are the norm. From cowboys to wide open blue skies, New Englanders are fond of the West. The appeal of rustic design on the east coast is certainly in the wanting to be different." 

Owned and operated by the Skinner family, Great Country Timber Frames is headquartered in Ellington, CT. Building on a 30-year tradition of hard work and craftsmanship, Great Country Timber Frames designs & cuts timber frames and timber components for post and beam barns, garages, homes, and other timber framed buildings. 

Rustic Residential

Up in the mountains or along the river, rustic homes are becoming a popular choice with homeowners and builders. With natural tones all around, builders like to incorporate different metals and stones to bring rustic homes to life.  

This home is a great example of how mixing natural elements can create a beautiful, rustic design.

With design inspiration from lodges in Wyoming, Great Country Timber Frames used weathered steel roofing for the entryway to emphasize the rustic charm of this home. "Upon entering the home from the timber frame portico with rusty metal roof, the owners wanted it to feel like walking into a lodge in Jackson, Wyoming."

What makes weathered steel so sought after is that that no two projects will be the same. As this metal it is exposed to the elements it will begin to rust, adding instant character to homes. "Rustic accents are part of the design, notably in the rusty metal roofing of the portico, reclaimed barn board on the ceiling of the great room, and fieldstone on the fireplace. All the different building materials help convince guests they're on vacation out West."

The rustic design of the exterior, is brought indoors with natural building materials.

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New Black Hills Partnership with Rapid City Rush

[fa icon="calendar'] 04/28/2017 / by Steve Collins

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For a business, your involvement in the community should extend beyond your storefront. Taking the time to help grow the community, create events and fund programs for the younger generations, and commit to more than being just a business should be a focus for every business.

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5 Types of Metal Roofing Materials - Pros & Cons

[fa icon="calendar'] 04/23/2017 / by Steve Collins posted in Metal Roofing, Colors, Sustainability

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5 Types of Metal Roofing

1. Copper - Extremely long-lasting, very soft with low melting temperature

2. Aluminum - Long-lasting, resistant to salt water corrosion

3. Zinc - Extremely long-lasting, resistant to corrosion and lowest melting point

4. Steel - Three variations: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel (corten)

5. Tin - Often referring to steel, used prior to World War II. No longer commonly applied.

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Current Veterans Thankful for Military Skills on Memorial Day

[fa icon="calendar'] 05/27/2016 / by Katie Smith

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This Memorial Day it’s important to reflect on the sacrifice thousands of men and women give every year to keep our country safe. At Bridger Steel we benefit from those sacrifices in many ways. Those sacrifices allow us to operate our business and sell steel to our customers. They allows us the freedom to hire qualified workers and provide well paying jobs to members of our communities. We are also proud to employ veterans, and our teams benefit from their hard work ethic, dedication and drive. This Memorial Day we would like to honor these employees in memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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Metal Roofing - Choosing a Roofing Contractor

[fa icon="calendar'] 05/11/2016 / by Katie Smith posted in Metal Roofing

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Are you Re-Roofing Your Home?

The biggest decision you’ll make while re-roofing your home is choosing a roofing contractor. This person will help you choose the right materials, assess the current state of your home and ensure your family is protected from rain, snow, hail, and leaks that bring rot and mold.

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Use Metal for a Modern Rustic Design

[fa icon="calendar'] 02/05/2016 / by Katie Smith posted in Metal Siding, Interior Metal, DIY, Metal Roofing, Colors

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In the past few years we’ve watched the design esthetic pendulum between the sleek, cool, sharp lines of Modern style and the cozy, comfy, woodsy feeling of Rustic.  Most recently, that pendulum has stopped right in the middle.  Those cold, modern lines are mixing with warm, earthy materials like natural wood and stone.

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5 Ways to update your home with corrugated metal

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/22/2016 / by Katie Smith posted in Interior Metal, DIY, Colors

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Corrugated metal accents are becoming one of the most sought-after panels for interior and exterior building projects.  With expanded options in both size and color, corrugated metal is popping up on new houses and renovations across the country.  If you like the look of this wavy material, but aren’t sure where to put it, here are five new ideas for adding corrugated metal to your home.

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Does Metal Roofing Attract Lightning Strikes?

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/15/2016 / by Katie Smith posted in Metal Roofing, Sustainability

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When you start talking to your friends and family about your new metal roof, inevitably someone will gasp and say, “Don’t you know that your metal roof attracts lightning!”  They might tell you that, unless you’re trying to power the Delorean and you need your building to light up like the Clock Tower in Back to the Future, you should avoid a metal roof.

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Custom Metal Brings a Dream Home to Life

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/31/2015 / by Katie Smith posted in Metal Siding, Interior Metal, Metal Roofing

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Shannon Schad began his career in residential construction at age 15 alongside his dad in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  After a few years hiatus as a skier in Montana and Colorado, the lure of family and a career designing custom homes called him back home.  In 2008 he struck out on his own with Shannon Schad Design & Construction.  Now he works alongside homeowners to create mountain homes that reflect both his clients’ design ideas and the landscapes that surround them.

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Choosing When to Replace your Roof

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/15/2015 / by Katie Smith posted in Metal Roofing

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During the recession many homeowners put off replacing older roofs.  Now that people have a few extra dollars to put toward repairs and upgrades, those neglected roofs are starting to get much needed make overs.  Have you been asking, "Should I replace my roof?" 

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