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A Sneak Peek of the 2021 Design Guide

[fa icon="calendar"] 05/11/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

One of our favorite times of year is when we release our annual design guide. It’s full of inspiring ways to utilize metal panels featuring Bridger Steel’s latest and trendiest styles and colors. We compiled the 2021 Design Guide with intention — choosing colors, styles, textures, and finishes that work together seamlessly. The goal of this year’s guide is to provide homeowners with color combinations that help them realistically envision projects that incorporate metal panels. 


What’s in the 2021 Design Guide?

Bridger Steel’s downloadable guide is full of stunning color combinations that fit into multiple color palettes to suit any style of home. Whether you want to achieve the increasingly popular farmhouse look, something more modern, or a classic rustic style, we’ve included a color palette to fit your desired aesthetic. 

The Bridger Steel Design Guide was created with the homeowner in mind, so each collection of finish options is shown in real-life, applicable ways. It serves as a point of reference and inspiration for using metal panels in new and exciting ways. You’ll also find some more information about Bridger Steel and our history, plus some details about our commitment to sustainability. 

One exciting new feature in this year’s guide is our printable project workbook. Its goal is to provide you with a space to write out ideas, style needs, and other details that help bring a project to fruition. It serves as a starting point for customers to really nail down their ideas, needs, and wants for their metal panel project.

How Does the Guide Work?

This year’s guide was designed with simplicity in mind. Each page features four main colors that fit into a specific color scheme. The colors were chosen based on undertones, hues, and how they can be used. Then, each page features examples of this color scheme in real applications to give you inspiration on how to use the palette on your own home project. We aim to provide you with enough information to show you how to incorporate these colors, while still giving you enough freedom to explore your own options within the palette.

For example, in our Dark & Dramatic Hues palette, we’ve shown how our Forest Green, Dark Green, Matte Black, and Coal Black Rawhide colors can be used to create a bold, unique look. We elaborate on how to use these striking finishes by themselves, or with lighter contrasting colors to create a stunning look. Our Design Guide makes it easy to browse through a variety of different styles of metal panels in one convenient place!

Design Guide Example

After you page through the color palettes, you’ll reach the end of the guide and find the workbook. Here is where you can fill in information and narrow down your choices based on what types of styles attract your eye, what your favorite colors tend to be, and more. Once filled out, you can submit it to our team and we can start the beginning processes of your project!

Workbook Design Guide Examples

For more examples of how we’ve used metal on previous projects, scroll through our Design Gallery. Browse through our How to Incorporate Metal Around Your Home blog to get even more inspiration on both interior and exterior uses! 


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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie