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4 Ways to Use Metal Accent Roofing

[fa icon="calendar"] 08/17/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

A great way to add dimension, texture, and a little bit of flair to the exterior of your home or building is by adding metal accent roofing. Adding a metal accent can help transform the exterior of your home, and up its curb appeal. Here are a few different places you can utilize metal accent roofing to create a stunning exterior with some inspiring examples!

Accent Metal Roofing Panels

#1 Porches & Patios

One of the most popular ways to accentuate your home’s exterior is by adding a metal roof over your porch or patio. This simple accent can make a big statement, and make your home’s outdoor space even more comfortable. Patios and porches tend to have accent roofs that are visible from the ground, so they’re a great opportunity to use a color or finish that really pops and stands out. From Retro Red to Weathering Steel, these accent roofs can really help to transform your outdoor living space into something incredible.

Accent Metal Roof Porch

Accent Roofing For Patios

Accent Porch Metal Roof

Accent Roof Over Porch in Weathering Steel Finish

#2 Entryways & Porticos

You can create an inviting and welcoming entryway by using metal accent roofing over your doors — especially your front door. You can use your accent roofing to really color coordinate and tie the finishes into your desired style. Plus, adding a roof over your entryway allows you to add more decor like planters and signs to really make it your own because it will be protected from the elements.  

Accent Entryway Roofing

Accent Roofing Over An Entryway

#3 Windows & Bay Windows

Whether you have a large bay window or a few regular windows you want to accent, using metal roofing over these adds such nice character to a home or building. Using accent metal roofing over your windows can help to highlight them even more, especially when you choose a unique color or finish.

Using accents over your windows can also help you achieve the style you want because they can utilize more color. For example, if you’re aiming for a farmhouse style and you have white siding, using a black metal roof over your windows can give it that extra push to reach that style. Or if you’re aiming for a rustic style, using Truten™ A606 can really take your exterior to the next level!

Accent Metal Roof Over Windows in Weathering Steel

#4 Architectural

Adding an architectural accent roof to your home or building can be for the simple reason that it adds a unique touch. That’s one of the greatest parts about accents — they can serve the purpose of simply looking good. With tons of different specialty finishes and unique panel profiles, there’s so many ways you can use metal roofing to create unique accents. Plus, we even offer curved metal roofing to take your architectural accents to the next level. Use metal in virtually any way you want — the possibilities are endless!

Accent Architectural Metal Roof

Accent Architectural Metal Roofing


Are you interested in upping your curb appeal and using accent metal roofing on your home or building? Get in touch with our team of Product Specialists today. We can help you choose the perfect accent to match your style. Whether you already have some ideas or need recommendations, our team can help you find the perfect panel profile and color or finish to make your vision come to life. Contact us today or fill out the Get a Quote Form to get started.

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie