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How to Combine Metal & Other Building Materials

[fa icon="calendar"] 06/08/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

While metal panels look stunning and make a statement on their own, many homeowners, contractors, and architects love to combine them with other building materials to create unique styles that complement one another. From beautiful masonry work to accent wood, there are tons of ways to create one-of-a-kind styles by combining metal panels with other building materials. 

Steel Roof and Masonry Siding

Metal Panels & Wood

Wood is a classic and timeless building material that when paired with metal can create a stunning and textured look. A simple wood accent can make steel siding stand out. Wood tends to have a “softer” look and appearance, so pairing it with the hardness of steel creates the ultimate eye-catching contrast. Here are a few of our favorite projects that have combined metal panels with woodwork.

Metal Panels and Wood ExteriorBonderized Shiplap metal wall panels and wood accents create a textured look on the exterior of this home.

Metal Siding and Wood Siding

Choosing a Corrugated metal accent to pair with wood siding creates a unique, one-of-a-kind exterior on this residential home.

Metal Siding and Wood Siding on a Commercial Building

Pairing Corrugated steel siding together with wood siding helps this commercial building stand out.

Metal Panels & Brick

Brick is so versatile, therefore it is one of our favorite building materials to pair with metal panels. Whether you want the classic red brick look or a more modern and neutral shade of brick, the complement between the two materials creates a durable, long lasting aesthetic that easily helps your home or building stand out.

Corrugated Metal Siding Paired With Brick

The soft red brick color creates the ultimate contrast with Galvanized metal siding.

Brick Siding and Metal Siding

Neutral colored brick looks stunning when combined with Vintage color ⅞” Corrugated metal siding. The complementing textures look great and will last for decades.

Brick and Corrugated Metal Siding

The red door really pops against the Steel Gray Rawhide panels and classic brick wall on this apartment building!

Metal Panels & Stone 

Stone and masonry work is a beautiful building material that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s a durable, long-lasting material that pairs well with all types of other building materials. We specifically love the look of stonework when paired with steel because of the amazing contrast between the two. From simple stone wainscoting to full masonry walls, check out some of our favorite projects that combined metal panels and stone. 

Metal Panels and Stone Wainscot

The metal roofing and siding paired with stone wainscot on this building’s exterior creates a look that just simply can’t be beat!

Stonework and Steel Siding

Neutral colored stonework helps balance out the brightness of this red steel Standing Seam siding.

Steel Roof and Masonry Siding

This Dark Bronze Tru Snap Metal Roof helps complement the light brown and off white colors in the masonry work of this home’s exterior.


Metal’s versatility is easily one of its biggest benefits. Not only is the building material extremely durable and long-lasting, but it’s able to be incorporated with other building materials to create unbelievable exteriors. Metal’s modern style can easily help update any home or building’s appearance. With specialty panels profiles and premium unique finishes available, there’s a metal panel to suit every style. 

If you’re interested in adding metal panels to your latest project, get in touch with Bridger Steel’s team of Product Specialists today. We take pride in working with our customers every step of the way — from the planning process down to the last detail. Contact us today or fill out our get a quote form to get started!

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie