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Rustic Metal Siding Helps KOA Achieve a Miners Camp Appearance

[fa icon="calendar"] 07/02/2015 / by Katie Smith

Tom Duffy and his family purchased the Bozeman KOA two years ago with the vision of expanding family friendly camping opportunities to travelers on their way to and from Yellowstone National Park. The Duffy family already owns Bozeman Hot Springs next door and hatched a plan to expand offerings, kids activities, and amenities for people on the road looking for a fun and safe spot to enjoy vacations and road trips across the west.

Project: Bozeman KOA
Architect: Jessica Bunn
Bridger Steel Products: 6025 Structural in Bonderized finish (metal siding), SL Nail Strip in Weathered Copper finish (back wall), Custom 20.89 x 1” Tru Snap in A606 TRUTEN™ finish (metal roof), 1/2” Corrugated in Weathered Copper finish (patio ceiling), 1/4” Corrugated in Copper Patina (metal accents)

“When campers come to our campground we want them to have more than just a place to hook up their RVs,” explains Tom. “We’re trying to create a space for a get-together for kids, and a place that families want to return to.”

The KOA's new building uses metal, stone and wood to create a contemporary rustic look.

As part of the plan to add more amenities for families, Tom enlisted the help of architect Jessica Bunn to create a new building with a game room, kitchen, gathering space, and a covered patio for enjoying meals. The building needed to be functional but not boring. It needed to fit into the western landscape and mimic the narrative of adventure that campers were seeking.

“Tom and his wife wanted a contemporary rustic look that would weather well over time,” says Jessica. “The mix of stone and metal help to tie into Bozeman’s agricultural roots, and the use of metal ensures minimal upkeep over time.”

To achieve the exact look Jessica had in mind, she worked closely with the sales team at Bridger Steel Belgrade to create several metal siding panels including the 6025 metal siding panels and a custom TRUTEN™ A606 Tru-Snap metal roof panel. The panels create an interesting dimension and the rustic, bare metals lend themselves to the aged theme of the building.  

Corrugated Copper Patina provides a visual break from the custom Bonderized metal siding panels.

To break up the metal siding and add some rustic accents, Jessica used a 1/4” Corrugated Copper Patina underneath the windows and a 26 Ga Weathered Copper SL Nail Strip on the back wall. The copper patina ties in with the "Miners' Camp" next door, where kids can pan for gold, and gives the building that contemporary rustic look Tom and his wife were looking for.

“The variety you can achieve with metal is wonderful,” says Jessica. “With so many textures and colors you can create the exact look you’re going for.” 

To increase functionality, Jessica installed lights in the weathered copper soffit and gables around the building as well as in the corrugated patio ceiling. “Everyone should come see it at night. It’s so beautiful with all those lights bouncing off the metal,” says Jessica.

Corrugated Weathered Copper ceiling panels and lights make this patio the perfect spot day or night.

The new building also boasts stone in the entryway and the subtle addition of wood to add warmth to the otherwise industrial materials. The combination brings the feel of the Old West while providing a modern space that attracts users of all ages.  

As summer kicks into full swing it’s not uncommon to see groups of teens gathered in the game room at night and kids racing pine cones in the stream that winds its way through the campground after panning for gold. The new building is the perfect centerpiece to welcome families to the West.


Among the amenities at the Belgrade KOA is the "Mining Camp" where kids can pan for gold.

If you want to create a rustic metal look like The Duffy's and Jessica did, check out our blog on how to use metal for a modern rustic design.  

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Katie Smith

Written by Katie Smith