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Get Crafty with Metal Interior Panels

[fa icon="calendar"] 09/23/2015 / by Katie Smith

At a recent AIA Conference trade show, our corrugated metal panels were laid out. People would say, “Wow, I never thought you could use metal for interior projects.” Your could see projects flashing through their minds using modern rustic corrugated metal in place of boring, grey painted walls.

There are endless applications for corrugated metal panels to make a statement inside homes and businesses with relative ease. Installing interior metal wall panels as a DIY project can be less complicated than you think and can provide a beautiful, functional lift for your home.

You may be wondering how you can use traditional exterior corrugated metal panels inside your home, or how to even start planning your interior metal wall panels. Here are a few examples of entry level projects using corrugated metal panels that will give your home or business a unique “wow-factor.”

DIY Corrugated Metal Bar - Rusted Metal InteriorGalvanized corrugated metal make this DIY bar the perfect spot for watching the game.

Choose a finish that fits the mood of your home or business. Corrugated Truten™ A606 metal panels rusted to your preference and coated with a clear polyurethane are perfect for a rustic farmhouse or rusted metal interior look. A room with a more modern or sophisticated look would benefit from the style of Ultra Batten metal panels. Specialty Prints create a unique and eye-catching focal point while Galvanized corrugated metal will complement a modern decor.  

beautiful and creative metal bars and kitchen islands

Above: An Ultra Batten bar works perfectly in this elegant wine bar. Left: Rusted Truten A606 panels look beautiful with wood trim. Right: Gold Mine print adds wow factor to this reception  desk.


If you are looking for something different than stark grey walls, seeking a way to dress up a small area like an entry, or want to break up tall, mono-color walls a metal wainscot is a beautiful and easy option.  Using a metal wainscot can add texture and elegance or protect your walls from rough and tumble activities.

Corrugated metal wainscot for interior

A Truten A606 wainscot will give a room the perfect rusted metal interior look. Truten A606 can be rusted for any look.

For a mud room or a child’s playroom, choose Galvanized Corrugated Metal  to protect against holes from excited play and for easy cleaning if mud or dirt from shoes rubs against the rusted metal interior panels. For a stand out look in a home or business, pick a bold paint and run the corrugation diagonally. In small bathrooms, clean Ultra Batten corrugated metal panels in muted tones will add elegance without too much fuss.

Metal wainscot examples

Above: Corrugated wainscot run diagonally brings an interesting look to this distillery. Left: Galvanized corrugated metal panels help keep this mud room clean. Right: Ultra Batten interior metal wall panels look sleek in this small bathroom.


Make your workshop bright and easy to clean with metal interior panels. Choose reflective colors like white or or bare galvanized corrugated metal panels, which reflect light onto your projects and work station, making it easy to see what you’re doing. Corrugated metal panels are also easy to hose down when they get dirty from welding, working on equipment, or messy crafting projects.

Corruged ceiling in a man cave

Metal interior panels make a fun work space look sharp and bright.

For a no-nonsense look that can hold up to plenty of abuse choose white 3’ Tuff Rib metal panels. They won’t dent easily and they keep your space bright and open. If you like the industrial look go with Galvanized Corrugated metal on the walls or ceiling.  3’ Platte River metal panels are cost effective for covering large spaces and the variety of colors they come in provide endless options for a creative space. As a bonus, you can use magnets to hang calendars, art work and important directions anywhere you want without creating holes.

metal ideas for garages, she sheds and man caves.jpg

The multitude of colors, panel profiles and finishes of interior metal wall panels are allowing designers to experiment in fun and exciting ways. Mixing wood and metal in interior spaces has become an emerging trend in modern homes. The warmth of the wood balances the coolness of the metal panels for a comfortable and stylish rusted metal interior look. 

Try out one of these easy styles in your space and see how metal creates a unique atmosphere. A word of warning: once you install metal in one space it often leads to dreaming about the next space to liven up with a new panel or color.  

Get started on your metal interior project today by getting in touch with the team at Bridger Steel, or explore our different styles of metal panels.

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Katie Smith

Written by Katie Smith