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A Guide to Soffit Metal Panels

[fa icon="calendar"] 01/19/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Soffit is a crucial part of your home or building’s roof. Without it, the attic wouldn’t get proper ventilation. Soffit panels are ideal for your home because of their durability, longevity, and aesthetic. We’re giving you the ultimate guide to soffit metal panels and the soffit types we offer at Bridger Steel.

Soffit Types - Types of Soffit

What Are Soffit Panels?

Soffit panels connect a roof’s overhang with the side of a building. They are installed in order to protect a structure from intruding animals and/or weather, as well as provide proper ventilation. The types of soffit panels needed vary from building to building. From v-stiffeners to reinforce durability to vented panels for added air circulation, there is a variation of soffit metal panels for all of the different types of buildings and homes on the market today.  

What Soffit Panel Profiles Are Available?

Bridger Steel has two different types of Soffit profiles available:

V Soffit

With vented or unvented options, our V Soffit is a versatile panel that can be used for more than just soffit purposes. This panel features a small, inverted v-rib in the center for added extra strength and uses a concealed fastener system for ultimate weather-tightness. While this panel is traditionally used for soffit and to create a clean look when finishing out roof eaves, we’ve also seen creative designers and builders use it for walls, fascia, and as liner panels. Its versatility makes it a favorite! Here are a few other need-to-know details about our V Soffit panel:

  • Vented or unvented options allows your to control airflow, which heats and cools attic spaces
  • Finished Coverage: 12”-18”
  • Stiffener Spacing: 6”
  • Panel Length: 10’ for 12” coverage or 20’ for 18” coverage

V Soffit Panel Profile

Flush Soffit

Creating clean lines with little interruption, our Flush Soffit panels will look stunning on your next project. The modern, minimalist look works well as more than just soffit, too. We’ve seen this panel be used as a subtle interior and wall panel, as well as the traditional panel used to finish out the eaves of a roof. Here’s some more information on our Flush Soffit panels:

  • Available in single v, double v, or no stiffener options
  • Finished Coverage: 12” or 16”
  • Panel Length: 3’-30’
  • Available in perforated versions

Flush Soffit Panel Profile

Examples of Soffit Panels in Use

Metal panels are the ideal material for soffit. They are strong, long-lasting, and will perform extremely well even in the harshest weather conditions. Here are a few examples of our two metal soffit panel profiles in use.

Soffit Types - Types of SoffitFlush Soffit paired with a bright, bold color can really help finish out a building’s final look.

Soffit Types

This V Soffit has perforations to help add ventilation to this home. 

Flush Soffit panels in use

On this building’s breezeway, Flush Soffit gave a modern touch and finished it out perfectly.

Soffit Types

The V Soffit on this commercial building’s entryway complements the bold color of the siding extremely well, while providing a welcoming look for both employees and customers.

Soffit panels - V Soffit Metal Panels

The crisp, clean lines of these V Soffit metal panels look modern and smooth.

While soffit may not be the biggest part of your roof, it’s extremely important. For both ventilation and aesthetic purposes, soffit metal panels are the perfect choice. They’ll last for decades to come while performing better than you thought possible. 

If you’re interested in adding metal soffit to your home or building, get in touch with one of our expert Product Specialists today. We’ll help you choose the best panel profile specifically for your project’s needs, as well as the right color or finish to meet your style too. Fill out our Get a Quote form to get started today.

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie