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Heavy Snow Load Metal Roofing

[fa icon="calendar"] 01/04/2022 / by Kaylee Beattie

The winter season is in full swing in many parts of the country. Whether you live near the Rockies or up in the northeast, heavy amounts of snow can pose a threat to your home’s roof. However, there are many metal roofing options equipped to handle the weight of snow and direct the moisture away from your structure. Bridger Steel has a variety of heavy snow load metal roofing options.


Moisture Barriers: A Top Priority

The biggest concern for roofs in snowy regions is creating and maintaining an unwavering moisture barrier. You must have a roofing system with a moisture barrier that can stand the tests of time in areas with frequent and heavy amounts of snowfall. Snow will melt and then refreeze before it actually slides off your roof, creating ice dams (we’ll get into that in a minute). This cycle is of melting and refreezing can cause moisture to get trapped underneath the snow, which means your roofing system needs to have a barrier that will protect the structure below. Metal roofs have superior moisture protection. They’re slickness helps snow quickly slide off, plus they easily deflect water and moisture away from your structure.

Controlling & Preventing Ice Damming

Another big concern for snowy regions is controlling and preventing ice dams from forming on your roof. Ice dams form at the joints and ridges on your roof, but with proper ventilation, insulation, and sealing air leaks, these issues can be avoided. Metal roofs also shed snow like a pro and can significantly reduce the amount of ice dams on your roof. Read more about how to prevent ice dams on roofs here.

Top Recommended Metal Roofing Panels

Bridger Steel has several top-recommended metal panels for heavy snow roofing. We typically recommend concealed fastener roofing systems for heavy snow environments because the hardware used to secure the panels to the structure are hidden and better protected against moisture.

Our most recommended panels for snowy weather are as follows:

  • Mechanical Lock — These metal roofing panels offer some of our most heavy-duty protection against heavy snow. Available in 1” and 1.5” rib heights, plus with the ability to be double-seamed, Mechanical Lock panels provide the protection against snow you need with the style you want. Able to be installed with striations to improve structural integrity even further, these panels allow for easy expansion and contraction when temperatures fluctuate.
  • Tru Snap — An alternative to mechanically seamed panels, our Tru Snap panels also provide superior protection and durability against heavy amounts of snow. This panel combines exceptional performance with a modern aesthetic. Tru Snap was designed to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations because of its truly free-floating system – a must for snowy regions. These panels are also able to be used on low-sloped roofs!

Our team also highly recommended installing snow guards on your metal roof. Snow guards are a small but mighty addition to your roof that help protect it for decades to come. They help snow and ice melt completely and drift off your roof in small amounts rather than all at once. By doing so, your gutters and any objects below your roof are protected from big amounts of snow falling off. Read more about the importance of snow guards and metal roofing here.


If you’re interested in learning more about metal roofing panels for your home or building in a snowy region, get in touch with our team today. Our team of expert Product Specialists can help you choose the right panel profile and color/finish to make your vision a reality. Contact Us today or fill out our Get a Quote form to get started!

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie