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How to Get Rustic Metal Without Sacrificing Performance

[fa icon="calendar"] 07/13/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

By using natural materials and colors, rustic style homes create a warm and inviting atmosphere — they’re classic and comfortable. Using rusty metal on the interior or exterior of your home is a great way to achieve a rustic style. However, you may be concerned about metal’s performance if it’s rusty. We’re here to show you how to get a rusty metal style without having to sacrifice the exceptional performance you need in and around your home!

Rusty Corrugated Metal Siding

The Corrugated Weathering Steel siding paired with Dark Bronze Tru Snap roofing gives this builiding a stunning, rustic look with lots of interesting texture!

Using metal panels with a rusty looking finish is a great way to achieve a rustic style without having to worry about the longevity and durability of your materials. Whether you’re incorporating metal as a roof, siding, fencing, accent, or interior project, it’s going to provide the strength and performance you need. With a life expectancy of 40-70 years, low maintenance, and excellent ratings for wind uplift, high-impact environments, high snow volume environments, and more, metal panels are built to last.

Here are a few ways to get the performance you need without sacrificing the style and aesthetic you want.

Choose a Rustic Metal Panel Profile

An easy way to get a rustic style metal panel is to choose a profile that fits into that category. While almost any type of metal panel can be rustic when finished with the right colors, these are our top three recommendations of already natural-looking rustic profiles:      


The classic corrugations and wavy texture of Corrugated metal panels make them ideal for rustic style. Bridger Steel offers four different types of Corrugated panels, each with different sizes of corrugations (the space between the ribs): ⅞”, ¾”,  ½”, and ¼” panels.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting metal roof that will easily stand up to all types of weather and environments, ⅞” Corrugated panels are ideal. If you need a wainscoting inside your home that will stand the tests of time, our ¼” Corrugated panels are the perfect choice. Versatile and classic, these panels are the perfect addition to any home looking for a rustic touch.

Corrugated Rustic Metal Roofing

Corrugated panels finished with Truten™ A606 create a durable and beautiful residential roof!

Ultra Batten

Ultra Batten panels create the stunning look of board-and-batten with the strength of steel. These panels, whether used vertically or horizontally, are able to produce the perfect sleek-looking rustic style. Ultra Batten panels are a great choice for wall and siding panel applications because it keeps your walls, wainscoting, or siding protected!

Ultra Batten Panels Rustic Style

The Ultra Batten siding on this barn uses Weathering Steel. It's in its early stages and is just beginning to rust at the bottom. Over time, the one-of-a-kind look this finish creates will be the ultimate rusty metal barn!


Flat panels are another great choice for those looking to achieve a rustic aesthetic. These metal panels can create smooth transitions between different areas. With tons of different shapes, sizes, and customization, Flat panels create a flush appearance that simply can’t be beat.

The style these panels make will change the way you look at metal. They emulate wood planks while providing the performance of steel you want. Pair them with a rustic finish for the ultimate rusty metal effect. 

Rustic Flat Metal Panels

Bridger Steel specializes in customization — like the Flat siding panels on this home!

Rustic Colors & Finishes

Probably one of the easiest ways to get a rusty metal look is by choosing a color or finish that resonates with that style. Bridger Steel offers a wide range of colors and finishes that give the appearance of a rustic, aged look without compromising any of the strength or durability you need from your roof, siding, or other metal panel projects. Here are a few of our favorite rusty looks:

Weathering Steel

Probably our most popular choice for rusty metal finishes, Truten™A606 Weathering Steel creates a unique, one-of-a-kind look on every single project every single time. It’s designed to naturally rust as it is exposed to the elements and over time, creates a stunning patina.

Weathering Steel has a top coat of copper, phosphorus, and silicon that forms a textured oxide film that begins rusting and once it’s gone, the steel will ionize. This prevents the panels from rusting all the through so you never have to worry about the panel’s performance. It will just rust to a certain point!

Rustic Weathering Steel Metal Panels

Corrugated panels are the perfect pair for Truten™ A606!

Rustic Rawhide

If you love the look of Weathering Steel, but don’t want to wait, Rustic Rawhide is the perfect alternative for those wanting a rusty metal look. This textured metal panel finish creates a look that’s extremely similar to Weathered Steel without having to wait for the elements to create the patina. With a subtle texture and stunning rusty color, this is a great finish for roofing, siding, accent, and interior projects.

Rustic Rawhide Siding

Another great pair with Corrugated metal, the name "Rustic Rawhide" speaks for itself.


For a more modern rustic approach, Vintage is a great choice. Especially when paired with other types of building materials like wood, Vintage metal panels make a beautiful statement. The dark, neutral shade of gray pairs well with the rustic look of wood beams or doors. It’s the perfect finish option for those wanting to put a modern twist on their rustic aesthetic.

Vintage Rustic Metal Panels

Vintage Box Rib siding looks stunning beside the custom Flat panel entryway in Weathering Steel. Check out this project in more depth here.

Using metal panels with a rustic or rusty looking finish can help you be sure that your materials will last for decades to come. You never have to worry about having to sacrifice strength for style (or vice versa) when you pair the right profile with the right finish.

If you are interested in adding the look of rusty metal to your next roofing, siding, accent, or interior project, contact our team today. Bridger Steel’s team of Product Specialists can help you choose the right panel profile and color or finish to turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today or Get a Quote!

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie