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How to Best Use Bridger Steel's Website

[fa icon="calendar"] 12/28/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Bridger Steel’s website is full of tons of information for both homeowners and contractors about metal roofing, metal siding, and other resources. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, specific panel information, or just want to browse the variety of different products we offer, we’ve put together a complete guide so you can best use our website for your project’s needs.


If You’re Looking for Design Inspiration…

Our Design Gallery holds all the photos you could ever want to see that feature our different panel profiles in a variety of colors and finishes. You can explore everything from cabins to modern residential homes that have used our products. We feature design examples for metal roofing, siding, fencing, interior, and accent projects in this gallery. This is our biggest resource for those looking for design inspiration and holds tons of photos of all different types of projects.

Bridger Steel Metal Panel Examples

If You Want to Browse All Our Products…

At the very bottom of our website, there’s a complete list of every single product Bridger Steel offers. If you just want to see the details about our products without all the noise, this is the section you need to visit. Simply scroll down to the very bottom of our website and then you can browse through every single metal panel profile we have by clicking on the links under “Bridger Steel Products.”

Bridger Steel Metal Panel Products

If You’re a Homeowner…

Our website is full of resources for homeowners and DIYers. We have a ton of different blogs, Knowledge Base articles, and other residential information that can help answer all the questions that are out there about metal roofing, siding, and more. For our homeowners, we recommend following these three links to get all your questions answered about residential projects:

  • Read answers to our most frequently asked questions on our Knowledge Base
  • Get in-depth information, product features, and how-to guides on our Blog
  • Learn how to measure you roof, take care of metal, and more with our Residential Resources

If You’re a Contractor or Installer…

We have tons of resources on our website for our contactors and installers. If you need more information than just product specifications, we recommend going to these website pages:

  • Ready to install your panels? We have guides for all our panel profiles on our Installation Guides
  • If you need estimation services, want to order coils, or need other contractor-related services, go to our Commercial Resources
  • Want to have your project on our website after it’s complete? We’d love to feature your work. Visit our Share Your Project page to submit it!

If You Want to Buy Samples…

Ready to actually see the different profiles and colors we offer in person? Head over to our online store for samples. We have metal panel samples and metal color samples available so you can get a better idea of what our products will look like on your home or building. Our team always recommends getting samples before making a final decision on your products. Purchasing samples lets you see exact shades of our colors and finishes in different lighting settings so you can get a true idea of how your color will look on your finished project. Shop samples here:

If You Want to Talk to Our Team…

Whether you want to ask some more questions, get product recommendations, or move forward with the next stage of your project, here are few ways you get in contact with us:

  • If you’ve got some ideas in mind for your project already, fill out our Get a Quote form. We’ll check it out and get back to you within a few business days.
  • If you want to see if we have a location near you or grab a phone number for a quick call with our Product Specialists, visit our Contact Us.
  • If you’re not quite ready for purchase, but want to stay in touch with us for future projects, follow us on Facebook or Pinterest. We post content weekly that may just catch your eye!

If still can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, tell us! Get in touch with our team today and we can help answer any questions or address concerns you have. We look forward to speaking with you!

Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie