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Metal Panels & Farmhouse Style

[fa icon="calendar"] 09/07/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Farmhouse style has swept the nation and become one of the most popular aesthetics for residential homes. The mix of light, neutral colors paired with bold accents makes it a stunning home design that can easily be achieved on both the interior and exterior of your house, especially when you use metal panels. We’re showing you how metal panels can be used to help you accomplish farmhouse style.


Farmhouse Exteriors

Achieving a farmhouse style on the exterior of your home may seem difficult, but it can actually be quite simple. It all comes down to the style of siding and roofing you use, paired with a stylish color. Pairing your materials with the right colors can make all the difference!

Metal roofs are an extremely popular choice for the farmhouse aesthetic. With the many colors and finish options available, you can truly create the farmhouse style of your dreams. White siding is a very common choice, so it’s easy to match virtually any color metal roof to that neutral color. We’ve seen farmhouses use a black metal roof for a modern touch, or a bright color to make a truly unique statement. The complement between white siding and a bold metal roof creates a stunning look.

When it comes to siding for farmhouse style, metal panels are a great choice, especially because of the many different profiles available. If you want to take your siding up a notch for an even more farmhouse look, Batten siding is a great choice. Our Batten siding options mimic the look of traditional board-and-batten while still providing the strength of steel. You also don’t have to stick to the traditional white color, you can use grays, Galvanized, or Weathering Steel finishes for a one-of-a-kind look. We’ve seen some pretty stunning farmhouse style homes use Platte River siding and Corrugated accents, too. 

The beauty of creating a farmhouse style exterior is the endless possibilities. You can pair neutrals together, or make an accent pop with a bold color choice. Simple upgrades like painting your front door, adding barn-style outdoor lights, or repainting your shutters can go a long way. Use wood beams, masonry work, and more to complement the already natural look of metal panels on your farmhouse home to complete the look. 

Farmhouse Exterior Inspiration

Farmhouse Homes

This bright red metal roof pops against neutral siding and helps complement all the windows.

Farmhouse Style HomeBonderized siding makes a unique farmhouse statement.

Farmhouse Style HomesIncorporate neutral colors with our Platte River siding is a great farmhouse choice.

Farmhouse Style SidingUse Corrugated panels as an accent on the exterior of your home.

Farmhouse Interiors

There is no right or wrong way to create a farmhouse style interior. It all boils down to the colors you choose and décor you want to use. However, a big factor is the style of and way you dress up your interior walls. 

For a more modern approach, we’ve seen our Shiplap wall panels be used to create stunning entryway accents. For a more rustic look, our Corrugated wainscoting makes a beautiful and durable statement. You can do an entire accent metal wall and make a bold paint color choice pop. There’s so many different ways to achieve the style, so don’t be afraid to play around with colors and materials.

Other fun ways to achieve an interior farmhouse style is to install barn doors, open shelving in your kitchen, paint your kitchen cabinets white, or opt for exposed beams. The little details inside really make a difference, and can pop against a white or Galvanized metal wall. We’ve also seen our metal panels be used on interior ceilings for a truly unique farmhouse look. 

Farmhouse Interior Inspiration

Farmhouse InteriorCorrugated metal wainscot is a beautiful choice for interior rooms — especially when paired with wood accents.

Farmhouse Accent Wall InteriorA full metal accent wall makes the red walls pop in this farmhouse style home.

Farmhouse BarUpgrade your kitchen island or bar with Galvanized corrugated metal.

Famhouse CeilingsMetal panels are a unique way to dress up your ceilings and truly change the entire look of the inside of your home.


If you want to create farmhouse style on the interior or exterior of your home, metal panels are a great material to get you started. Bridger Steel offers a variety of specialty panel profiles and premium, unique finishes that can help you achieve the style of your dreams. Work with our team of Product Specialists every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the best products for your home’s specific needs. Contact Us today to get started, or fill out the Get a Quote form. 

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie