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Metal Panels & Industrial Style

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/19/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Beauty meets simplicity in the increasingly popular industrial style aesthetic. Raw materials, contrasting colors, and inspiration drawn from factories, warehouses, and industrial spaces create this stunning home style that can be achieved on both the inside and outside of residential spaces. We’re showing you how metal panels can be used to easily create industrial styles.

Industrial Style Exteriors

Industrial Exteriors

Don’t be afraid of bare-bones and mixed materials when it comes to creating an industrial style exterior. From bold, geometric shapes that stand out from the crowd to stunning, simple metal panels, industrial style exteriors feature bold lines with neutral hues that create a timeless, modern look.

Low-sloped, curved, and even flat roofs are ideal when it comes to creating a home with industrial flair. Metal roofing is a key element in achieving the style and helps create truly unique designs. One of the most popular roofing panels for this style is Standing Seam. These panel’s ability to be run over open purlin systems, as well as in long, single runs, makes them ideal for industrial style roofs. The sleek, seamless lines created by these roofing panels create the simple yet stunning look of industrial exteriors. We’ve also seen curved metal roofing be used in industrial styles because of the unique and nontraditional nature they offer. Curved roofing can be used to create contemporary accents and help create distinctive angles that complement industrial style.

Another simple way to achieve this style is by using metal siding panels. Especially stunning when paired with different textured materials like wood or stone, metal panels provide the look that industrial style needs. Use these wall panels in neutral finishes to create contrast between materials. Both Corrugated and Flat panels have been used to create industrial style siding and walls. Corrugated panels are a great way to incorporate texture to your siding with their wavy design, where Flat panels pair beautifully with brick or wood because of their smooth, even surface.

Industrial Exterior Inspiration

Corrugated Metal Siding Industrial Exterior

Using 7/8” Corrugated siding paired with classic brick creates a stunning industrial style on this building.

Bonderized Shiplap Wall Panels Industrial Style

Bonderized Shiplap Wall panels and wood planks create a stunning exterior for this home.

Brick and Metal Siding Industrial Exterior

Brick and ½” Corrugated accent panels make an industrial style on this building.

Wood Beams and Metal Panels

Just another beautiful example of pairing mixed materials

Industrial Interiors

When it comes to achieving industrial style on the interior, there a few style elements to keep in mind.

  • Open Concept Spaces — Industrial style interiors typically work best in spacious, open concept homes. This is because open concepts play off big warehouse spaces where you’re able to see from the floor to the ceiling beams.
  • Exposed Duct-Work, Brick, Metal Beams, and Pipes — One of the easiest ways to achieve the style is by letting elements like duct-work, brick, pipes, and beams remain exposed. This allows for more a factory-like feel by letting the raw elements shine in all their raw beauty.
  • Pairing Contrasting Textures & Colors — Concrete and metal, glass and wood, and blacks and whites are just a few ways you can incorporate industrial style into your home. Pairing these contrasting elements together helps create clean, minimalist looks that are essential to industrial style.
  • Metal Liner Walls & Ceilings — Metal panels on wall and ceiling space is another simple way to achieve the style. Corrugated wall accents are a stunning choice and make the perfect complement to smooth, hardwood floors and bright red brick walls. Corrugated panel’s ribs add dimension to any space and can be run either horizontally or vertically for more visual appeal. You can even add them to a ceiling more an even more nontraditional look. We also recommend any of our Interior Liner panels for inside the home because of their variety and durability!

Industrial Interior Inspiration

Galvanized Metal Interior Style

Using Galvanized metal panels against hard wood floor and butcher-block counters makes a beautiful interior space.

Custom Metal Industrial Interior

Bridger Steel can even custom make your panels to fit your exact vision and style needs.

Industrial Style Interior

Open concepts and metal beams are stunning on this industrial interior.

Interior Industrial Style

Duct work, brick, and wood floors – an industrial style dream!

Love the industrial style look? We can help you achieve it. Talk to a Bridger Steel Product Specialist today about getting metal panels to complete your interior and exterior industrial style home. We can make expert product recommendations on our variety of specialty panel profiles, as well help you find the right premium, unique finish to complete your look. Contact Us today or fill out our Get a Quote form to get started.

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie