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Metal Wainscots: Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

[fa icon="calendar"] 07/19/2019 / by Morgan Scott

Our team often get questions like, “We like the look of metal on our home, but our HOA won’t approve it - what other ways can we use metal on the exterior of our home?” or “We already have a metal roof; how can we tie that into the rest of our building?”.

We love hearing this, not only because people love metal panels as much as we do, but it allows us to start getting creative with you! While evaluating a project with our customers we have seen and are happy to advise on anything from flats being utilized for magnet boards, structural panels for durable, yet unique fences, and corrugated panels as wainscot or full accent walls.

Recently, we have had a significant amount of demand for our wainscot kits due to the ease of having everything readily available to move forward with installation. They take the guesswork out of the job and supply you with ultimate gratification.

metal wainscot interior

How Can You Incorporate Metal Wainscot on Your Building?

Something we think about regularly is breaking the stereotype that metal is just for barns or sheds. While this might have been true years ago, metal panel systems have come a long way in recent years.  With so many colors, textures and panel profiles there are hundreds, more like thousands, of combinations to choose from. The process of finding the “perfect” color or panel profile can be daunting, but also allows you to find the perfect choice for your residential, agricultural, or commercial building.

Purchasing samples of our color packs can also take the guesswork out and provide you with a handful of samples to find your perfect color.

Metal wainscots have always been popular on agricultural buildings for their durability and strength, and now we are starting to see them on homes and commercial buildings for those same reasons Metal wainscot's unique look breaks the traditional mold. 

Here are Exterior Wainscoting Ideas you can try:


Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

Metal panels got their start on agricultural buildings because of their durability and strength, which still stands true today. Many farmers, ranchers and homeowners continue to use metal wainscots or full wall applications on their pole barns, shops or sheds for easy installation and the way it stands up to larger animals, protects crops in winter months, and reduces the risk of corrosion from animal waste or fertilizers. You also won’t have to worry about rotting wood from termites!


Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

Metal wainscoting on homes is a fairly new concept but we don’t see it going away anytime soon so we are going to call it more of a style since trends come and go. From rusted corrugated for traditional or rustic homes to a standing seam panel with clean lines for a more modern feel, wainscoting just might be the unique design touch you have been looking for. The best part about adding metal to your home is how it can differentiate your home from others within your neighborhood. Ultimately, with the amount of influx of new builds vs. resale homes making sure your home stands out could save you from mistaking the neighbor’s house as yours!


Exterior Wainscoting Ideas

Commercial spaces create a blank canvas and allow you to be creative with your design. You ultimately want a space that showcases your brand, but also draws in customers. Just a couple of ways to do this are through mixing materials such as stone and metal or by using fun colors and textures as exterior wainscots. Think of the wainscot as something that not only is an aesthetic feature on your space but this is also the first impact with your customer! Think of yourself walking up to a building and you are selling something that is in a saturated market, would you want to stand out to the customer when they came into your business? How could metal ultimately set you aside from the competitor? 


No matter what the building type you are looking to add metal wainscot panels to, you can always count on the durability, longevity and strength of metal. Metal will protect against weather, animals, machinery, just to name a few. Using metal as a wainscot along the bottom of a building, protects your exterior walls from kids running into the garage with their bikes, lawn mowers backing into the shed, or trailers scraping the side of your shop.   

Contact our team today to find the perfect wainscot kit for your home project. Get inspired by our blog about interior wainscot design and how you can incorporate it into your home.

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Morgan Scott

Written by Morgan Scott