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Modern Alternatives to R Panels

[fa icon="calendar"] 01/27/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

R panels are well-engineered, classic metal panels that have been used on all types of buildings and structures. However, there are some modern alternatives to these traditional panels that perform equally as well. These alternative panels help buildings differentiate themselves with an updated aesthetic compared to the traditional R panel. 

Tru Snap Accent Roof

¾” Corrugated Panels

Our ¾” Corrugated panel brings the bold look and strength of corrugation to any building's exterior. Like r panels, the ¾” Corrugated metal panel performs exceptionally well. It’s recommended for extreme weather conditions like high-impact and high-wind areas because of its durability. Along with its strength, this panel creates a textured look that easily hides any imperfections that may occur.

The ¾” Corrugated panel is recommended for all types of buildings in every market, including commercial, residential, and agricultural. It’s light and easy to work with during installation due to its exposed fastener system. With an anti-siphon groove, this panel provides ultimate weather tightness with a modern aesthetic.

Corrugated metal Siding on a Commercial buildingThe 3/4" Corrugated works perfectly for siding on this commercial building.

Corrugated Metal siding on a residential homeThese panels have been a longtime favorite for residential builds like this one.

1.75” Tru Snap

Add a truly modern upgrade to any home or building with our 1.75” Tru Snap panels. With a concealed fastener system, meaning the hardware used to secure the panels is not visible after installation is complete, these panels create a smooth, uninterrupted finished look. 

Our 1.75” Tru Snap panels are able to be used on low sloped roofs or as siding with solid decking or substrate underneath. These panels were designed to expand and contract with changing temperatures, as well perform exceptionally in challenging conditions. With high performing qualities and a stunning finished look, you never have to sacrifice strength for style with these panels.

Tru Snap Metal Roof on a Residential HomeThis residential roof uses Tru Snap panels to create a stunning look.

Tru Snap Roofing on a Commercial Building

Tru Snap roofing looks amazing while performing extremely well on this commercial building.

Nail Strip

One of our most economical concealed fastener panels, Nail Strip is the perfect choice for roofing or siding jobs. They create a professional finish with long, clean lines and are one of our easier-to-install panels when it comes to concealed fastener systems. They must be installed over a solid decking or substrate in order to perform best.

One of the biggest benefits of Nail Strip panels is its affordability combined with its durability. Easily upgrade the exterior of a home or building without blowing the budget or sacrificing the performance needed to last for decades to come. Nail Strip will give your project a truly upgraded final look!

Nail Strip metal siding on a commercial buildingNail Strip works well as metal roofing or siding. This commercial building choose a bright, bold color for their Nail Strip siding to make it pop.

Nail Strip metal roofing on a residential homePerfect for residential metal roofs, Nail Strip is quick to install and doesn't break the bank.

Tuff Rib

Tuff Rib is extremely similar to an r panel when it comes to performance, however, it’s a more economical option. With a Class 4 impact and 155 MPH wind rating, this panel was traditionally designed to work hard in agricultural settings, but has become a staple in both residential and commercial builds. Its strength matched with its sleek and appealing profile makes it the perfect choice for roofing or siding needs.

Available in a lighter gauge, Tuff Rib is a bit easier to handle and install. It’s able to run over 3 foot open spans and has an anti-siphon groove to protect a building or home from water intrusion. This panel is ideal for all types of applications, making it our jack-of-all-trades and one of our most popular panels.

Commercial Siding with Tuff Rib Metal PanelsTuff Rib is an ideal panel for everything from garages to commercial buildings.

Tuff Rib Residential SidingTuff Rib metal siding will perform well for decades and decades to come.


If you’re looking to give your next project a modern upgrade, get in touch with one of our expert Product Specialists today. Our team can help you choose the right panel specific to your project’s needs, as well as help you choose the ideal gauge and color or finish best suited for you. Fill out our Get a Quote form to get started.  

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie