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New Black Hills Partnership with Rapid City Rush

[fa icon="calendar"] 04/28/2017 / by Steve Collins

Steve Collins

For a business, your involvement in the community should extend beyond your storefront. Taking the time to help grow the community, create events and fund programs for the younger generations, and commit to more than being just a business should be a focus for every business.


IMG_5983.jpgPictured from left to right is Rush General Manager Joe Ferras, Store Manager Tom Mooney, and Rush Director of Corporate Partnerships Jay Davis. 

At Bridger Steel we are lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful neighbors, businesses and friends. This has allowed us the ability to help achieve our own goals in the Black Hills region, and has given us the opportunity to help another organization better reach, support, and engage the Rapid City community.

We are happy to announce a three year partnership with the Rapid City Rush, an organization that shares our goals, and our desire to do our part within the Black Hills.

The full press release can be found on the Rapid City Rush website here: http://rapidcityrush.com/news/?article_id=867

We look forward to the future, and can't wait to see more of our neighbors at the upcoming games this season!

Steve Collins

Written by Steve Collins

A big fan of understanding how things work, and why they do what they do.