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New Colors and Finishes Take Creativity to the Next Level

[fa icon="calendar"] 07/23/2015 / by Katie Smith

Bridger Steel has been listening closely to its customer's demands and staying current with ever-changing market trends. Our customers have spoken and it’s clear they want more color and texture choices,  more warranty options, and a continued high standard of quality. We are constantly introducing new colors and finishes to satisfy the increased appetite for metal.

“We’re introducing a lot of these new materials, increasing our production capabilities and broadening our array of metal panel textures, colors and profiles to meet demands,” explains Andy Lessley, Sales Specialist at Bridger Steel. “We invite people to come to the showrooms, try out the new products and see that we have so much more than your standard painted metal.”

Below are a few examples of just some of our new colors and finishes and what makes them so special.



Vintage: Vintage is a galvanized product that has undergone a tinning process and is coated to maintain its color. The result is a natural weathered gray without the color variations and the time associated with waiting for bare metal to age. 

“Vintage is great because it has that rustic aged look that is in demand, but it also carries a warranty that bare metals do not,” says Andy. The coating makes it less likely to scratch, and if you want to add on a few years down the road we can more accurately match the paint color of the original metal panels. Vintage is perfect for exterior roofing and siding as well as interior projects.


Corten AZP Raw: Corten AZP Raw is our solution for the owner who loves the iconic western rusted look, but is not as enamored with the wait time and some of the drawbacks that can come with a raw metal.  

“Corten AZP Raw is a product painted to simulate rust, and it’s the closest I’ve seen to the actual rusted finish.” Andy says. “You get the appearance of a rusted roof without having to deal with the bleeding of the rust from rain water, staining of concrete or your clothes rubbing up against it. It also carries a warranty that the raw products designed to rust don’t have.” Corten AZP Raw is perfect for residential, commercial and interior projects.


Rawhide: Our Rawhide color finishes are the perfect answer to the demand for more textures in design elements. The pattern, which resembles the look and feeling of grip tape, provides dimension and subtle changes in color as the light bounces off of it from dawn to dusk. 

“This look is perfect for residential, commercial, and interior projects because it’s durable and creates a unique and subtle look,” says Andy. Our Rawhide finishes come in three different colors: Apache, Burnished Slate, which resembles an aged copper, and Steel Gray, which is a painted charcoal color similar to Rezibond, but with the warranty of a painted metal panel.

Rustic Copper: We’ve seen the use of prints increase dramatically and decided that Rustic Copper was the perfect fit for our line. 

“This print provides another option for the rusted look without the rust,” Andy explains. The mix of gold and chestnut creates a structure that's interesting to the eye and classically appealing. This print is perfect for interior projects, exterior accents and roofs. 


Jadestone: The second addition to our Rustic Print collection makes a statement with mixtures of blacks, greens and browns.

“It’s really unique.  It almost looks like a granite counter top,” Andy says. “This print really expands the options we have, especially for interior design. I’m thinking of putting it up on the gables of my house.”  Jadestone would look fantastic for residential, commercial and interior projects. 

Weathered Zinc: Think of this print as galvanized steel’s sophisticated older brother.  With its mix of silvers, whites, and blacks, Weathered Zinc mimics the look of galvanized steel, but with a splash of class that comes from the light play reflecting off the different colors. This print looks great on a ceiling or as a window trim and is sure to bring some excitement to any project.

Gone are the days of boring metal roofs with limited colors. These new colors and finishes push the boundaries of what metal panels can do and meet the demands of current trends and practices. 

Metal products last longer and require less maintenance than other building materials. Bridger Steel is constantly expanding its product offerings in order to better meet the design needs of a larger radius of homes and businesses. 

For more information on any of our products or to see a sample, please visit your local Bridger Steel showroom or give us a call. To see what you can do with the different colored metal panels we offer, read our blog about how to get crafty with metal panels

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Katie Smith

Written by Katie Smith