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Bridger Steel Project News, Highlights & Helpful Tips

Project Highlight: This Old House

[fa icon="calendar"] 06/22/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

One of Bridger Steel’s most exciting projects this year has been partnering with Amy Matthews and This Old House to create their 2021 Modern Barnhouse Idea House. This 4,090 square foot Scandinavian-style barnhouse features some of the latest construction methods and industry leaders to create a modern and innovative home near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Project: This Old House — 2021 Modern Barnhouse Idea House

Bridger Steel Materials Used: 2” Snap Seam panels in Galvalume finish

Owner/Designer: Amy Matthews

This Old House Galvalume Roof

What is This Old House & Who is Amy Matthews?

On air since 1979 with over 40 seasons, This Old House is an Emmy award-winning show that focuses on renovating and remodeling a home over the course of several episodes. The show helps to take some of the fear and mystery out of home improvement by showing real-life, achievable remodels. For the past seven years, the show has featured “Idea Houses.” These idea houses bring fresh new ideas to fruition to help inspire homeowners, builders, and architects enhance their own spaces in unique ways.

In This Old House’s latest series, they partnered with licensed general contractor and former HGTV host Amy Matthews. Progress on the Scandinavian-style barn home began at the beginning of the year, and is now complete! Amy is also co-founder of And Now She Rises, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping domestic abuse survivors change their narrative from victim to victor. Her property also features a vintage barn that was remodeled to serve as a training facility for women in trades and survivors of domestic violence (photo below).  

This Old House Training Center Metal Roof

Innovative Metal Roofing Met Idea House

When it came to choosing a roofing solution that would both match the aesthetic Amy was aiming for, as well as stand up to harsh Minnesota winters, steel was the obvious choice. 

“There were many iterations of the architectural layout of the home, but one thing I've never wavered on from day one, was topping this beauty with a stunning steel roof. When we discussed different material palettes for the envelope, a steel roof was on my ‘no compromise’ list from day one,” said Amy.   

A home as innovative as this one needed an equally as innovative roof. That’s why they chose Bridger Steel’s 2” Snap Seam metal roofing panels. This roofing panel combines the best of both worlds when it comes to Standing Seam metal panels. It can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed during install, which results in a quicker and easier installation compared to traditional, double-seamed panels.      

With hidden fasteners and exceptional ratings for wind uplift, air leakage, and water penetration, 2” Snap Seam panels allowed Amy to choose a roofing solution that would both match the style she wants and offer her the durability she needs.     

This Old House Metal Roof

Industrial Aesthetic: Why Galvalume Was An Easy Choice

Bridger Steel’s Galvalume finish is the perfect choice for projects searching for a modern or industrial flair like the 2021 Modern Barnhouse Idea House. Galvalume combines zinc, aluminum, and a siliconized coating in order to create a stunning, long-lasting matte finish. The coating protects the roofing panels against corrosion, rust, scuffing, and even fingerprints for years and years.

"We chose a light color [roof] for a brighter appearance, and to reflect heat away from the house. I love the way the roof bounces sunlight in a magical way around the shaded property. And as the surface patinas over time, it will fit in perfectly with the original buildings on the property," said Amy.

Galvalume also provides a smaller and smoother spangle, which creates a more subtle and uniformed design compared to other more shiny finishes. It provides exceptional surface protection and a 25-year warranty. All of this makes it one of our most popular and best-selling finishes for all types of metal roofing, siding, accent, and even interior projects!         

This Old House Snap Seam Metal Roof

Tour the Home's Exterior

Watch the video below to get a detailed look at the entire property's exterior:

Watch the Roof Installation Process

Get a more in-depth look at the roof installation process in this video:

To check out all of the featured articles and get more details about this stunning build, visit This Old House.

You can read more about why Amy chose Bridger Steel’s Galvalume 2” Snap Seam panels for her roof here. 

Get a full look at the entire outdoor space right here.

If you’re interested in Galvalume, 2” Snap Seam, or other metal panel products for your next project, get in touch with a Bridger Steel Product Specialist today. Our team can help you find the perfect panel profile and premium, unique finish for your next project. Contact us today to get started!

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie