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Guide to 2” Snap Seam Panel Installation

[fa icon="calendar"] 02/09/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Bridger Steel recently introduced our latest product — the 2” Snap Seam panel. With the ability to be snap-locked or mechanically seamed during installation, it combines the best of both worlds for Standing Seam panels. We’re diving into a little more detail, including the pros and cons, of 2” Snap Seam’s installation information.

Standing Seam Metal RoofHow Do You Install 2” Snap Seam?

The installation of these panels is unique because there are two different ways you can achieve a complete installation. 

The first is to simply just snap-lock the panels into place. The panels will be snapped over the clips, and then the female leg will be snapped over the male leg. This is considered to be a complete installation — the roof will stay in place and has been fully wind uplift tested with a UL580 rating.  

The second way to install them is after snap-locking the panels in place, you can then seam them. You’ll run a seamer up the panel’s seams one time, resulting in a quicker and easier installation than traditional, double-seamed panels. This install has been fully tested for wind uplift (again, the UL580 rating), air leakage ASTM E-1680 ratings, and water penetration ASTM E-1646 ratings. 

You can read full installation instructions here for even more specific details on how to install the 2” Snap Seam panels. 

How Does Installation Compare to Other Products?

The new 2” Snap Seam is a Standing Seam panel. Although, there are quite a few differences that set it apart from other Standing Seam panels.

Compared to Tru Snap, the 2” Snap seam is very similar when it comes to its installation. However, you can utilize butyl sealant in these panels more effectively than in Tru Snap. You can actually get the hot or beaded mastic into the seams of these panels, where in Tru Snap’s installation that is a bit more difficult. This even further seals and protects your home or structure from water intrusion.

Compared to Mechanical Lock panels, installation is quite a bit faster and easier. This is because with Mechanical Lock panels, you have to hand crimp on the panel’s seam at each clip location to hold the panels in place. In 2” Snap Seam’s case, the snap-locking installation actually holds the panels in place without needing to crimp or clamp. This makes installation quicker and easier because you avoid the entire step!

Pros & Cons of 2” Snap Seam’s Installation


  • These panels can use butyl sealant in the seams more effectively than other panels like Tru Snap
  • They can be installed over open frames in five foot max spans OR over sheeted decking 
  • You can install the entire roof in snap-lock, then come back later and seam if desired
  • If you choose to seam the panels, seaming is only required one time, unlike most panels which require a double seam
  • Overall, installation is quicker and easier than traditional double-seamed panels


  • If you choose to only snap-lock install the panels, they’ve only been tested for high-wind areas (compared to the mechanically seamed install, which has been tested for air leakage, water penetration, and structural performance)
  • Additional framing components may be required for longer panel runs or open framing

    We’re excited about sharing even more information with you about the 2” Snap Seam panels in the upcoming months. Be sure to keep your eye out for more information about our latest products. If you’re interested in 2” Snap Seam panels for your next project, get in touch with one of our expert Product Specialists today. They can help you choose the right gauge and color/finish for your project’s specific needs. Contact us today or fill out the Get a Quote form to get the process started.

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie