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Vertical Metal Panels: Design Inspiration

[fa icon="calendar"] 11/30/2021 / by Kaylee Beattie

Most metal panels are able to be installed either horizontally or vertically in wall or siding applications. Metal’s flexibility with different styles of installation is one of its biggest benefits after all! Installing panels vertically can create long clean lines that are both visually appealing and create modern styles. Here’s some vertically installed metal panel project inspiration.

Vertical Metal Siding Panels

Vertical Metal Siding

Using vertical metal siding on the exterior of a home or building is a great way to create the illusion of taller looking structures. The ribs on some profiles will elongate a home or building and help create a seamless, stunning look. You can install the panels vertically across the entire exterior or mix some horizontal installation in to create texture and depth. Either way, vertical metal panels will give your home a modern, fresh look.

Vertical Metal Siding

Our 1.75” Tru Snap panels create a beautiful and modern exterior on this unique home.

Vertical Exterior Metal Siding

Pairing a bold painted finish like Colonial Red with classic masonry work creates a stunning exterior for this garage. Tuff Rib panels are an easy choice for siding material because of their durability!

Vertical Metal Panels Exterior Siding

Bridger Steel’s 7/8” Corrugated panels are one of the toughest and most durable siding options on the market. Finished with Weathering Steel, this vertically installed siding is both high performing and looks amazing.

Vertical Metal Wainscoting

A vertical metal wainscoting on the exterior of your home is a simple way to spruce up the look of your siding applications. Plus, our ¼” Corrugated metal comes in a variety of colors and finishes so you can create the exact aesthetic you want.

Vertical Interior Metal Panels

Create the appearance of taller and longer interior spaces with vertically installed metal panels. Metal is a great choice for interior use because it creates depth and texture while providing your walls with a tough and durable material. You won’t have to worry about holes in drywall or scuff marks and scratches with metal panels.

Vertical Metal Wainscoting Interior

Perfect for a bar or island, vertical metal panels make a great choice for swinging feet that may damage other types of material that won’t stand up as well as metal. Our ¼” Corrugated panels in classic Galvalume is the perfect interior choice.

Interior Vertical Metal Wainscoting

Interior metal wainscoting is the perfect way to add a modern touch to any interior. Again, our ¼” Corrugated panels are a classic and timeless choice in our Galvanized finish.

Interior Vertical Metal Panels

Metal panels are the perfect choice for interior walls in garages or shops because they’re tough enough to easily resist scuffs. Our interior liner panel Platte River is a great choice and looks modern and clean when installed vertically.

Other Vertical Installation Inspiration

Vertical Corrugated Metal Fencing

One of the most durable, low maintenance fencing options available, metal panels make a tough, long-lasting fence material. Use 7/8” Corrugated panels in Weathering Steel for a rustic look!

Vertically installing metal panels on your home’s interior, exterior, or both can create a truly unique and stunning look. With a variety of different metal panel profiles available, plus a wide selection of premium colors and finishes available, you can easily create the aesthetic you want with the tough, long-lasting materials you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about vertical metal panels or you’re ready to get your next project started, get in touch with Bridger Steel’s team today. Our team of Product Specialists can make expert product recommendations based on your specific needs. Contact Us today or fill out our Get a Quote form to get started!

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Kaylee Beattie

Written by Kaylee Beattie