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Box Rib Panel Systems

Exposed Fastener Panels for Commercial and Residential Uses

What are Box Rib Panels?

Box Rib metal panels typically are exposed fastener panels that have a repeating box-shaped rib, giving them the name. Box Rib panels can be used in a wide variety of ways including roofing, siding, fencing and some stronger profiles are used as B Decking. Aesthetically, Box Rib panels provide bold, strong visual lines due in part to the sharp-edged angles used in the repeating corrugation. 

7.2 Structural Box Rib

Box Rib, Exposed Fasteners

One of our strongest metal panels, the 7.2 Structural Box Rib works as a roofing, siding or decking application. Exposed fasteners make for a simple and efficient installation process, while long lines create appealing modern or industrial appearances. The 7.2 comes with an anti-siphon groove to help protect against leaks for a lifetime.

View 7.2 Structural Metal Panel

7.2 structural metal panel

7.2 Fencing Panel

Box Rib, Exposed Fasteners

The 7.2 Fencing Panel was created as a durable yet stylish panel that works well in a wide range of applications. As privacy fencing, it can be used as a discreet yet long-lasting fence for residential needs. As a windbreak, it stands up to the toughest challenges.

View 7.2 Fencing Panel

Metal Fencing Panel

Valley Box Rib

Exposed Fastener

A wall panel with deep valley to hide exposed fasteners, the Valley Rib Wall Panel offers a new look for metal siding and interior wall panels.

View Valley Box Rib Wall Panel

Valley Rib Metal Wall Panel

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