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Log & Cabin Designs & Applications

Picture Shown: Tru Snap Roofing in Dark Bronze 

Although log homes and cabins can be found in the mountains, along the river, or lakeside, one design element will always stay the same: the aesthetic appeal of using the surrounding environments as design inspiration. These homes are meant to blend into the environment as if they have always been there. Natural materials are common throughout the exterior and interior of these buildings. 

Metal Roofing

Options Built to Hold up to Mother Nature

Lakeside home, log cabins, and other mountainside retreats can be prone to hail, high snow volumes, and high winds. So, it's important to utilize a certain type of panel in order to keep your home or getaway protected. Once you have a good understanding of the environmental demands, you can start narrowing down the profile that matches the look you are trying to achieve.

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Metal Cabin - Steel Cabin

Metal Siding

Siding & Wall Systems for Metal Cabin Designs 

Metal siding is a great option to break up long runs of log or stone on mountain or lakeside cabins. With rustic finishes that blend into the surrounding environment, metal can be the perfect accent in an entryway or to surround large picture windows. When combined with the proper substrate, metal siding also offers a fire resistant solution.

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Metal Cabin - Steel Cabin

Interior Designs

Accent Walls, Ceilings & Liners

Interior spaces in metal cabin designs are warm and cozy. Rooms are designed around open spaces and grand fireplaces. Some of the best spaces bring the outdoors inside to create cohesive spaces between the interior and exterior aesthetics. 

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Metal Cabin With Metal Wainscoting - Steel Cabin

Custom Fabrications

Creating Unique Lasting Beauty

Want to match a specific look? Have a unique metal cabin design you'd like to use?

Bridger Steel utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your ideas and designs come to life. Whether you're an architect or designer with a specific look you are trying to achieve, or a homeowner with a little more than an idea, we'd love to help!

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Metal Cabin - Steel Cabin

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