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Log Home & Cabin Designs


Interior Metal for Log Homes & Cabins

Rustic, cozy spaces for log homes and cabins are all about complementary colors and shapes that don't compete with the landscape. These homes are designed to blend into their surroundings and bring natural textures and finishes inside to create a relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Corrugated Panels

Our most popular rustic interior panels are the corrugated series.  From 7/8” Corrugated used as a rustic fireplace surround to numerous uses for the 1/4” Corrugated, we have a panel for your project.  A current trend in rustic cabins is the use of bare metal to bring the outdoors in and complement the rich tones of natural wood. The most popular applications for interior metal is on fireplace surrounds or rustic wainscoting. Fireplaces are the focal points of log homes and cabins, and covering them with corrugated metal is a great way to make sure they stand out. Kitchen backsplashes, cabinet covers, and shower liners are also popular applications for interior metal. 

Popular Finishes - Bonderized, Vintage, Galvanized, and Truten™ A606

Flat Panels

Metal flat panels are a popular option as an alternative for a number of other materials commonly found in rustic interior designs. They are often used in small quantities to break up room transitions, create unique doors and trim, cover kitchen backsplashes and island surrounds, or wrap exposed chimneys in the place of drywall. Flat panels can be created as hidden fasteners or with bold exposed fastener strips. The different ways you can apply this technique to your design are only limited to your creativity and inspiration.

Popular Finishes - Bonderized, Rawhide Textures, Galvanized, and Truten™ A606

Full Metal Wall & Ceiling Accents

Log ceilings and walls can be overwhelming in the interior of homes or offices. Adding metal to the ceiling or walls of these spaces is a great way to break up all the wood. Corrugated metal on a ceiling adds rustic charm and continues the pattern of the round logs. Adding a full metal wall accent is a great way to stage picture windows and bring more light into a room. We have also seen corrugated metal run in between wood trusses for a unique accent that brightens up a room. 

Popular Finishes - Galvanized, Galvalume, Truten™ A606, and Rawhide Textures


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1/4" Corrugated Siding
Flat Panels

Flat metal panels work great as accent panels, fireplace surrounds, or kitchen backsplashes.

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