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Log & Cabin Designs

Panel Shown: Tru Snap in Forest Green

Cabin & Log Home Metal Roofing

Choosing the right finish and panel to complete a log home or cabin often depends on the environment the home is in. From log homes along the river to rustic mountain cabins, metal is durable and will keep your home protected.

Standing Seam Panels

A standing seam roof, or standing rib roof, has a definable seam that extends vertically from the panel's flat surface.  This seam helps provide additional rigidity and support, making it a favorite for log homes and cabins. These homes typically use standing seam panels for their hidden fasteners and heavy duty protection, especially when double seamed. 

Popular Finishes - Earth Tones, Greens, Dark Browns, and Truten™ A606

Corrugated Panels

The natural shape of corrugated metal makes it a very durable panel. Additionally, the consistent corrugation helps hide small imperfections over time from weather or impacts. Corrugated metal can be used to cover an entire roof or as accent roofing to cover outdoor living areas or front porches. Using different roofing material can create visual interest, while running full metal roofing lets the focus be on the surrounding environments.

Popular Finishes - Truten™ A606, Dark Browns, and Bare Metals

Curved Metal Roofing

To make statement entryways, homeowners and designers are looking toward curved metal roofing. Combining different shapes and textures creates angles and lines that would make any home unique.  Whether you want to break up large spans of roofing or create a small overhang, curved sheet metal will add that dramatic effect you are looking for.

Rustic Cabins

One of the many reasons log cabins are still so popular today are their rugged, yet welcoming appearances.  The rich tones of the wood combined with rustic metal roofing helps these homes blend with natural surroundings. Our most popular rustic roofing is Truten™ A606. When exposed to the elements the top layer will eventually weather into a unique rust color. The color will be unique to your project depending on the exposure, environment, and weather patterns. The coating is incredibly resistant to corrosion caused by weather and atmospheric conditions, making it a great option for cabins up in the mountains or along the river.

If you want the rustic look now without the wait, choose from our selection of painted products like Vintage or Rustic Rawhide that are specially crafted to resemble bare or aged metal without waiting for the patina.

Traditional Log Homes

Log homes became popular during the westward expansion of the 18th Century.  Logs were abundant and protected settlers from the harsh winters of the west. These traditional cabins and log homes have evolved into mountain retreats and lakeside retreats, but the design has stayed the same. Earthy tones are popular for roofing to help a home blend into its surroundings. Some log homes look towards red tones to bring out the rich tones homes also use red or brick colors to bring out the warm tones of the logs. 

Popular Finishes - Forest Green, Tans, and Dark Browns 


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