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    Design Gallery

    Choosing colors and finishes for your project can be tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from. To help you get started, we have created a gallery showcasing some of our most popular projects. Check out the Design Gallery to find inspiration for your next project.

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      Color Discovery

      Bridger Steel offers over 100 colors and finishes to fit with just about any design style. From painted metals to natural finishes, check out our Color Discovery to find the perfect color for your next project. 

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        Color Trends

        Styles can change from region to region, and with different landscapes. To help you with choose the perfect color, Bridger Steel has created our annual Color Trends guide, with a regional twist highlighting popular color combinations from across the country.

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          Color Themes

          Need help choosing a trim color to match your metal roof? Or a nice wall accent to fit perfectly within your exterior. We've taken some of our most popular color themes from across the country to help you find the perfect combination for your project 

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            Color Visualizer

            Want to see how that color looks on a home or building? Try out our color visualizer to help you get a better feel of the colors as they'd appear on your next build. With residential, commercial and agricultural examples, we've got you covered.

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              Color Handbook

              We created the Color Handbook to help you select the best color for your next project. From the time of day to the changing seasons, we included all the factors you will want to consider when choosing your color or finish.   

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                Color Libraries

                Bridger Steel has one of the largest selections of colors and finishes in the industry. Check out our Color Libraries to see options in standard finishes, printed patterns, textured finishes and natural metals.

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