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Commercial Metal Colors

Find the Perfect Metal Color for Your Project

Choosing a color or finish can be a daunting task. Examining how the building fits within its footprint, thinking about the sight lines and accounting for seasonal changes can frustrate even the most experienced designers.

We've put together a range of tools to help you find the right color to match your project, including an extensive gallery, regional color themes and our annual Color Trends guide.

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Capture Your Style with Metal Panel Systems

From rustic to modern or contemporary to traditional, we understand each person's style is different. We keep up with the latest trends and maintain a balance of traditional colors to help you find the perfect combination. With over 6,500 profile and color variations, we are confident we can help you capture your style with metal panel systems. 

Our list of popular styles is just a start, but it should be able to help you narrow down the style that best fits your personality.  

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