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Metal Color Libraries 

Painted Metal, Textured Metal, Metal Prints, and Natural Finishes

Popular with many design styles, natural metals provide residential and commercial designs with colors unmatchable by painted products. Bridger Steel offers most of our panel systems in each of the following metal variations.

Painted Metal

Our painted metal color selection is among the largest in the industry. If you have a color in mind, chances are we can match it. If not, we can always create custom colors to match your needs.

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Rusted Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel

Textured Metal

Bridger Steel offers a unique Rawhide texture for a range of color options. This textured painted product provides a new look, along with durable protection

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Bonderized Metal Siding

Natural Finishes

For a natural finish, Bridger Steel carries a number of raw metals including Copper, Galvanized, Galvalume, Bonderized and Weathering Steels.

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Galvanized Wainscot

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