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Creating Ranch & Farmhouse Interior Designs

Ranch & Farmhouse Interior Metal 

Designing a ranch or farmhouse is all about creating classic, yet comfortable spaces. Interior spaces for this style of home incorporate white or soft natural colors to create relaxing and casual spaces. One of the many reasons this style is becoming so popular is the functionality and ability to personalize every space. 

Metal in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Big, open kitchens are a staple in farmhouse designs and are not complete without large islands for everyone to gather around. To add character and charm, designers and homeowners are using corrugated or flat metal to surround these islands. This makes the island the focal point of the kitchen while creating a cohesive space between the different materials in the kitchen. Galvanized corrugated metal can also be used as backsplashes to replace traditional tile, while creating fun magnetic boards to keep recipes and showcase kids' drawings. 

It is possible to use metal in bathrooms to replace traditional shower liners and tile, however, this requires choosing the right panel and finish. A popular finish we are seeing is Galvanized or Galvalume. These panels look great and can add more light to darker bathrooms with their reflective properties. For smaller DIY projects, covering wood cabinet doors is always a fun, unique accent. 

Popular Finishes - Light Gray, Galvalume, and Galvanized

Farmhouse Metal Wainscot

Adding a metal wainscot to the interior of a home is a great way to add texture and dimension to a space.  When applied below wood walls, a metallic finish, such as Galvanized or Galvalume, can help brighten a room with its reflective properties.  The traditional board and batten siding is often found on original farmhouses. Recently designers and homeowners have begun bringing this style indoors to create cohesive indoor and outdoor spaces. This design can be replicated with our more durable Ultra Batten panel.  

Popular Finishes - Light Gray, Galvalume, and Galvanized

Full Metal Wall & Ceiling Applications

In smaller spaces, designers recommend using full wall accents that don't break up the eye line. Corrugated, Galvanized metal creates beautiful contrast between the typical white walls and trim of farhouses for traditional rustic charm. When combined with rich barnwood or rough wood floors, metallic metals can help create welcoming and warm spaces. Not only can a metal be a beautiful accent, but it is durable and will help keep your walls protected.

Depending on the theme of your home, interior corrugated panels are used a wide range of ways. Metal makes a natural complement to wood, stone and other common household materials. Often bare metal corrugated is applied to ceilings paired with wooden beams for a rustic, aged appearance. Lighter colors or metallic finishes are also popular because of their reflective properties that can help make a room brighter and more airy. 

Popular Finishes - Galvanized and Galvalume 

DIY Metal Accents

When using metal as an interior panel, inspiration and creativity seem to be the only boundaries. Adding a little farmhouse flair to your home can be as easy as adding a barn door covered in corrugated steel or surrounding a fireplace with flat panels. These are great DIY projects that won’t break the budget while adding beautiful, rustic charm to your farm or ranch house.

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As a flat panel, metal is a popular option as an alternative for a number of other materials commonly found in interior designs.

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