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Ranch & Farmhouse Metal Roofing Design

Ranch & Farmhouse Metal Roofing

The appeal behind metal roofing for ranch and farmhouses is its durability and easy maintenance.  Life of the farm is unpredictable and homeowners need a roofing material that will withstand Mother Nature.  Metal roofing offers peace of mind while adding to the straightforward designs of these homes.

Accent Roofs

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about ranch and farmhouses is a covered porch. Originally designed as a resting place to keep an eye on the animals and land, covered porches were a place to relax and unwind after a long day. These porches were often covered with the same standing seam panels as the entire house for seamless lines. Or for more dramatic accents, homeowners and designers used corrugated metal to help the porch stand out. 

Standing Seam Panels

Traditional ranch and farmhouses were straightforward designs. They featured simple lines with wood or brick siding and monochromatic color schemes. With long, clean lines and hidden fasteners, standing seam roofing systems became a popular choice for these homes.  Standing seams can be run over open purlins systems and in long single runs making them very appealing in ranch and farmhouses with asymmetrical shapes and low slopes. 

In recent years, designers and homeowners have altered the designs of the traditional farmhouse to be more modern.  These homes now feature contrasting colors or bright pops of color. A current trend we are seeing that combines the best of both modern and farmhouse designs is modern walkways that have flat roofs with taller farmhouse structures. 

Popular Finishes - Galvalume, Galvanized, Bright Red, and Dark Browns

Corrugated Panels

What could be described as the quintessential American panel, corrugated panels have been dotting the landscape of the U.S. for a hundred years.  The simple reason behind this is their durability. Additionally, the consistent corrugation helps hide small imperfections over time from weather or impacts. Corrugated metal panels offer great protection, and are an upward trend in designs using metal roofing.

Popular Finishes - Galvanized, Galvalume, Black, and Dark Browns

Bare Metals

If the traditional American panel is the Corrugated profile, the traditional color is Galvanized. Galvanized steel is a classic for everything from shed roofs, to old barns, to rustic farmhouses. Another popular choice is the Bonderized finish. Homeowners and designers have fallen in love with the matte gray color of the panels. 

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