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Creating Ranch & Farmhouse Designs

Metal Siding on House Shown: 1/4" Corrugated in Weathered Zinc

Ranch & Farmhouse Metal Siding

A good metal siding can add wonderful sightlines to your home's appearance. Every profile we offer can be used as siding metal on homes. Creativity drives each panel's use into endless possible applications to create homes with metal siding in a farmhouse theme.

Farmhouse Colors Schemes

There tends to be two distinct color schemes of farmhouses: light, crisp colors or dark, natural colors that blend into wooded areas. Light gray-and-white siding is becoming popular in more modern farmhouses, while darker tones are often seen in more traditional builds. The use of metal siding on houses helps create a unique farmhouse look.

Standing Seam Panel

Standing seam metal systems are the most popular choice for ranch and farmhouse designs. Their clean, uninterrupted lines are a common feature in the original farmhouse style and have since continued in more modern farmhouse designs. Recently, we are seeing more homes continue using the strong lines of the roof onto siding for truly seamless looks. This keeps up with the simple lines and limited decor on the exterior of these homes with metal siding.  

Another popular option for homes with metal siding is the Ultra Batten panel on full walls or as exterior wainscoting. This panel was designed to mimic the traditional board and batten style found on original farmhouses. This panel creates bold lines and offers a more durable, longer lasting alternative to wood siding. 

Popular Finishes for Homes with Metal Siding — White, Light Grays, Dark Browns, and Bare Metals

Corrugated Panels

A fun and unique way to break up the traditional brick or wood siding on these homes is to add vertical corrugated siding. This can help add texture and dimension, along with visual interest to the exterior of your home. Over-sized openings, such as doors and windows, are popular in this style of design, and corrugated metal only adds to these beautiful features. Additionally, the consistent corrugation helps hide small imperfections over time from weather or impacts. 

Popular Finishes for Homes with Metal Siding — Rawhide Textures, Speciality Prints, and Bright Colors


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