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Field Forming Services for remote locations & longer  panel lengths

Sometimes a project calls for a panel length longer than a delivery truck can handle, or in a location that makes delivery difficult for a semi truck. For these, and other situations, we offer convenient field forming service to roll your metal panels right on the job site!

rollforming on-site

At Bridger Steel, we always want your project to go smoothly. Sometimes, opting to form your panels on the job site provides you with a better option for time, location and even preventing damage to certain panel profiles.  

Panels Available for Field Forming
  • 2" Mechanical Lock
  • 1.5" Mechanical Lock
  • 1" Mechanical Lock
  • 1.75" Tru Snap
  • 1.5" Tru Snap
  • 1" Tru Snap
  • SL Nail Strip

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