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Flat Wall Panel Systems

Concealed Fastener Wall Panels Designed for Exterior & Interior Performance

What are Flat Wall Panels?

Flat wall panels are exterior or interior panel systems that create a flush appearance along the surface of the panel. These panels can range in shape and size, and are often used in both interior and exterior applications

Shiplap Wall

Concealed Fastener

Designed to improve performance over traditional shiplap siding, the Shiplap Wall panel system can be installed in exterior and interior applications in a vertical or horizontal layout. The panel offers a variety of widths and reveals, giving it a flexibility needed for architecturally demanding projects.

Shiplap Wall Panel

Shiplap Exterior Metal Wall

V Groove Wall

Concealed Fastener

Bridger Steel's V Groove wall panel creates a wood plank appearance, but with the durability, longevity and performance of a metal panel system. The panel is available in a range of widths and options making it perfect for designers looking for a custom appearance. 

V Groove Wall Panel

V Groove Metal Wall Panel

Custom Flat Panels

Concealed or Exposed Fasteners

Looking for a custom shape? Bridger Steel has created a number of custom flat panel systems for everything from interior fireplace surrounds to major commercial siding projects. With a few templates pre-designed to get you started, we can work with you to create the desired look and performance.

Metal Fireplace

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