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Industrial Metal Designs & Applications

The presence of metal on walls and doors is a key feature in industrial designs. Whether you are renovating an old warehouse for office space or designing new construction, an industrial design can be achieved through the mixing of building materials and keeping the building's structure exposed. Exposed bricks, wood beams, and heating ducts are key design factors for industrial designs.

Metal Roofing

Choosing Metal Roofing for Industrial Buildings

The low slopes or flat roofs of industrial buildings are ideal for standing seam roofing panels. Standing seams can be run over open purlin systems and in the long run, makes them very appealing in modern and industrial designs. 

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Tuf Rib roof and siding

Metal Siding

Siding & Wall Systems for an Industrial Look

Industrial homes and offices are designed to stand out in their environments. From bold, geometric shapes for visual interest to pops of color with neutral tones, metal siding is a popular option for industrial builds. 

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Industrial Corrugated Siding on Commercial Building

Industrial Interior Metal

Accent Walls, Ceilings & Liners

The best industrial designs use exposed bricks, wood beams, and metal as design inspiration. In these designs, a buildings structural bones are highlighted, not hidden. The raw, unfinished look of weathered bricks and bare metals help to create the increasingly popular, modern industrial style.     

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Corrugated metal on interior airplane hangar

Custom Fabrications

Creating Unique Lasting Beauty

Want to match a specific look, or have a unique design you'd like to use?

Bridger Steel utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your ideas and designs come to life. Whether you're an architect or designer with a specific look you are trying to achieve, or a homeowner with a little more than an idea, we'd love to help!

Radiused corrugated on stairs

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