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Creating an Industrial Design

Panel Shown: Corrugated Siding in Galvalume

Industrial Style metal roofing

From curved metal to low slopes, industrial style roofs use geometric shapes and lines to create truly unique designs.  The mixture of straight and curved lines creates visual interest on either commercial or residential buildings.

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam panels are a popular choice for industrial metal roofing because they can be applied to low slopes and are usually installed with hidden fasteners. These panels can be run over open purlin systems and in long single runs making them very appealing in industrial metal designs for residential and commercial applications. With long, sleek lines, all our standing panels are great options for these designs, however our mechanical locking panels work the best for low slopes.

Popular Finishes – Dark Tones, Light Gray, and Bare Metal

Curved Metal Roofing

Architects and builders use curved metal on homes to create contemporary, nontraditional accents. Combining different shapes and textures creates angles and lines that would make any home or commerical building unique. Not only are curved roofs aesthetically pleasing, they eliminate wasted space. Add curved metal to your entryway for a bold first impression or use a radiused roof to cover your entire building for a seamless look.

Bridger Steel has invested in some of the finest radius-bending machinery. This allows us to provide our customers with quality curved sheet metal panels in three different profiles. In addition to our two standing seam profiles, we manufacture curved metal roofing in our 7/8" Corrugated panel.  This offers architects, builders, and homeowners more options when looking at curved metal designs.

Metal as a Green Building option

Often industrial designs incorporate green building principles into their project. Due to recycled content, metal offers a wonderful material choice as a building product. Bridger Steel's metal is 100% recyclable, and a number of our colors qualify as Cool Roof colors. Metal offers a durable choice for adding on Solar Panels or creating a Rainwater Collection solution for the build. The sustainability factor of metal often goes hand in hand with an industrial metal design.


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