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Interior Metal Wall Panel & Accents by Bridger Steel

A key element to many modern designs involves creating transitions between exterior and interior elements. Bringing metal wall panels into a building can help achieve this if done correctly.

Interior Corrugated Panels

Exposed Fasteners

Interior corrugated panels fits right at home whether you are using it as a wall panel, or simply as an accent piece. A popular option includes using it as a kitchen island surround in rustic designed homes.

Interior Corrugated Metal Panels

Interior Metal Wall Panel Bedroom

Interior Flat Panels

Exposed or Hidden Fasteners

As with exteriors, interior metal wall panels are becoming increasingly popular in interior applications. With long, sleek lines, or smooth, squared-off panels, flat wall panel systems work perfectly with modern and contemporary builds.

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Interior Wainscoting

Exposed or Hidden Fasteners

Popular in buildings using a natural wall panel like wood or to complement a stone counter top or other feature, metal wainscoting is often used in rustic and ranch-style home designs.

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Interior corrugated wainscot

Industrial Interiors

Exposed or Hidden Fasteners

Metal is often used to break up sight lines across a room, or used as a creative kitchen island wainscot. Using metal as an interior adds to a room both as a profile that breaks up light and as a contrasting or complimentary color or finish.

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Industrial Hanger Interior Liner Panel

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