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Interior Metal Accents & Panels

Panel Shown: 7/8" Galvanized Corrugated

Interior Accent Ideas

Over the years, designers and homeowners have found new ways to incorporate interior metal accents into their designs. What started as simple wainscoting has transformed into full ceiling accents, kitchen backsplashes, home bars and so much more. 

In rooms where germs tend to gather, like kitchens and bathrooms, metal is an ideal surface. It is easy to clean and, with non-porous surfaces, it won't collect bacteria. Popular bathroom and kitchen metal accents include backsplashes, sinks, and shower walls. With many different profiles and colors available, don't be afraid to think outside the box.  

Designing with Interior Metal Accents

Metal has the ability to complement just about any interior space.  From modern to rustic, or industrial to farmhouse designs, interior metal accents can be just what a space needs to make a statement.

A popular trend in residential spaces is to mix metal with other natural elements such as wood and stone. In modern and industrial spaces light wood is combined with dark metal for bold statement pieces. Rustic and farmhouse designs tend to combine rusted metal with darker wood to create a more weathered look. 

Shiny finishes, such as galvanized steel, or light colored steel are popular in commercial spaces because of their reflective properties. Designers and builders often use these metals for ceilings, counters, and bars to create open, airy spaces.  

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Custom Fabrications

Bridger Steel has the ability to custom make panels based on your needs. A custom fabricated metal product allows your inspiration to take center-stage. Our goal is to eliminate restrictions or limitations. A variety of products are available in alloy, stainless, copper, zinc, and aluminum versions.

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Ceiling Panels

Popular in industrial spaces, full ceiling accents can work with natural light to create bright, open spaces. For a more rustic look, use our weathering steel or rustic prints to compliment any space.


Make your fireplace the focal point of a room with interior metals. Use our flat wall panels to create a clean, seamless look or run corrugated metal to add texture and dimension.

Metal Doors

Adding metal doors to an interior space is just one of the many ways to make a statement with interior metal. Metal barn doors are becoming a popular choice in all types of designs because their unique appearance and space saving tracks.  

Kitchen Backsplashes

Metal makes a wonderful addition to kitchen backsplashes for its durability and anti-microbial properties. Often used in modern kitchens, the clean lines of metal create subte, yet eye catching accents.

Bars & Islands

Probably the most popular option for homeowners wanting to incorporate metal into their kitchens is with island or bar surrounds. The different ways you can apply this technique to your design are only limited to your creativity and inspiration.

Shower Walls

Find new ways to update your bathroom with interior metals. Our Product Specialists recommend Galvanized or Galvalume finishes for smooth and easy to clean surfaces. 

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