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Interior Corrugated Panels

Panel Shown: 3/4" Corrugated Metal Interior

Using Interior Decorative Corrugated Metal

Whether you are working on a mountain retreat, a Texas rustic styled ranch home, or a modern living space, Decorative Corrugated Metal panels are becoming an extremely popular option for interior designs.

Corrugated metal brings a unique texture to a room, and can work well in a variety of applications. From a Corrugated Metal Ceiling to a simple accent wall, these stunning metal interiors will bring an eye-catching and beautiful element of texture into any room in the home.

Ways to Use Corrugated Metal in Interior Design

Depending on the theme of your home, interior corrugated panels can be used in a number of ways. Metal creates a natural complement to wood, stone, and other common household materials, so it is quite easy to use in any style of home.

If you use it in your kitchen as an island surround or backsplash, Decorative Corrugated Metal makes an amazing, durable accent. In rustic homes, a popular option is the galvanized interior corrugated wainscot to dress up walls and create texture in different rooms. We also have seen a Corrugated Metal Ceiling change the way an entire room looks!

You can create something beautiful by using panels as a corrugated metal interior option. The possibilities are almost endless with the different ways you can use these materials in your home.

Corrugated Metal Interior Finishes

Oftentimes, bare corrugated metal is applied to ceilings and then paired with wooden beams for a rustic, aged appearance. A Corrugated Metal Ceiling is a great way to transform a room in your home, especially when paired with a bare finish.

If ranch style is your choice, a bright galvanized accent wall makes a nice touch. Another popular corrugated metal interior option is to use rusted corrugated metal in both mountain and rustic interior designs.

Corrugated Panel Systems

At Bridger Steel, we offer a number of Corrugated Panel Systems. The largest and strongest of these is the 7/8" Structural Corrugated Panel. Well liked for its bold corrugation and use as a weathering steel siding, it offers the added benefit of being one of our strongest panel systems.

The 3/4" and 1/2" Corrugated Panel Systems are both extremely diverse in their uses. The 1/2" uses a more subtle corrugation and is often popular with more contemporary designs, or when used in painted systems. The 3/4" is a popular choice for darker colors as the shadows of the panel still provide visible depth against the bolder lines.

The last, and most popular, corrugated metal interior panel in our product suite is the 1/4" Corrugated Panel. This corrugated metal interior panel has been used across the country everywhere from Walt Disney World in Florida to the San Juan Islands in Washington. The tiny corrugations make so many DIYers and craft lovers excited, and matched with the durability of a panel designed as a building material, are what make this corrugated metal interior panel so popular. Where most versions of this panel use cheap tin and are easily damaged, the 1/4" Corrugated offers a stronger solution.

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Product Details
7/8" Corrugated Siding

Structural Corrugated Steel in a 22 gauge panel. Extremely durable and tested to extreme strains, this panel is among Bridger Steel's toughest and most popular corrugated roofing panels.  

7/8" Corrugated Product Details

3/4" Corrugated Siding

When you think of a corrugated panel, chances are you are thinking about a 3/4" design.  This panel has been tested for decades across America.  Available in both a 26 & 29 gauge thickness, this roofing panel is highly flexible to fit a variety of needs.

Learn more about the 26 Gauge Panel

Learn more about the 29 Gauge Panel

1/2" Corrugated Siding

Popular due to its slightly more subtle corrugation than its larger alternatives, the 1/2" Corrugated is a favorite for accent walls and used as wainscoting.

1/2" Corrugated Product Details

1/4" Corrugated Siding

The smallest corrugation available with Bridger Steel, this panel is very popular as an interior panel.  The 1/4" corrugation visually creates subtle repeating lines without the noticeable variation of a typical corrugated roofing panel.

1/4" Corrugated Product Details

Incorporate Decorative Corrugated Metal into your design

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