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Industrial Strength Interior Metal Liner Panels

Panels Shown: Platte River Siding & Tuff Rib Wainscoting Liner Panels

Choosing A Liner Panel

For industrial or agricultural needs, selecting a liner panel doesn't have to simply come down to durability, although it should be a priority. While metal liner panels for garages should have minimal profiles to better allow for hanging items and maximizing space, an agricultural metal liner panel should account for livestock and the effects urea will have on the longevity of the panel. For shops and manufacturing facilities, having a panel that can hold up to the inevitable knock is a priority.

Interior Liner Panel Options

At Bridger Steel, almost any of our siding panels will work ideally as a metal liner panel. Some panels are more often used than others, due to their profile, durability, and pricing.

The 7.2 Structural Panel is among the toughest, while still providing the most contemporary panel lines of the industrial liners. This Box Rib can be run vertically or horizontally to produce wonderful results.  

The Valley Rib Panel is a unique design for interior liners, with a recessed area for fasteners to be installed. This makes the panel ideal for tight spaces where snags or exposed fasteners may be an issue. Able to be run in multiple directions, the Valley Rib is a highly versatile panel.

The Tuff Rib Panel is among our most popular liner panels. A highly durable and tough panel, the Tuff Rib is popular among industrial and agricultural building designs. The ability to be used as a roofing, siding, interior and ceiling panel make this a top choice for many shops and barns, as well as residential projects.

Platte River is among our most minimal profiles. While Platte River is not as structural as our other interior liner options, it is perfect for maximizing space in residential garages, or for creating a wall that is less noticeably a series of panels.

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Product Details
7.2 Structural Box Rib

An incredibly durable product, the 7.2 Structural panel works well with tough industrial or agricultural environments while maintaining an element of style and design.

View the 7.2 Structural Panel

Valley Rib Panel

With recessed fastener points, the Valley Rib offers a smooth panel surface and also allows for cavities behind the panel for running lines with quick access points.

Metal Wall Paneling Valley Rib

View the Valley Rib panel

Tuff Rib Panel

A staple design of shops, facilities and agricultural buildings, the Tuff Rib Panel has a durable profile and works well in industrial interiors as a liner panel.

View the Tuff Rib Panel

Platte River Panel

Platte River is among Bridger Steel's most subtle profiles. Creating a relatively flat surface, this panel works excellently as a liner panel for garages, shops and commercial interiors.

View the Platte River Panel

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