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Interior Metal Wainscoting

Panel Shown: 3/4" Corrugated Galvanized Wainscoting

Designing with Interior Metal Wainscoting

Interior wainscoting has been around for many years for a reason. Traditionally, homeowners and designers use interior metal wainscoting to add texture and dimension while creating beautiful accents. Now, an increasingly popular trend is to use wainscoting in small spaces to visually enhance a rooms size. When ran horizontally, these accents can create the illusions of more space with long, clean lines. When vertically ran, wainscot will draw the eye up, giving rooms a much taller appearance.

Metal with Natural Elements

Mixing metal with different elements such as wood and stone can add visual depth to a space. Interior designers encourage mixing different materials to create contrast, yet cohesive spaces. A common trend is to mix interior metal wainscot with wood trim, floors or accent walls. The warmth of the wood combined with the coldness of metal creates a well balanced space. One of the most popular finishes is Galvanized wainscoting. Galvanized Wainscoting creates the cool, crisp tone metal is loved for and looks stunning paired with warm wood! 

Durable Interior Metal Wainscoting

Interior metal wainscoting isn't just for homes. Use metal as wainscoting for shops, garages and barns to create durable interiors and maximize spaces. The reflective properties of metal will work with industrial lighting or natural sunlight to create bright, open spaces. With easy installation and maintenance, metal is a top choice for industrial buildings.   

Check out the All Purpose Panels for Durable Interior Wainscoting Options

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Product Details
Ultra Batten Interior

The beauty of the Ultra Batten panel is its ability to work for both modern and rustic designs. Our rustic prints will add rustic charm to any interior while, darker finishes can make for bold, modern accents.


Ultra Batten Product Details

3/4" Corrugated Interior

When you think of a corrugated panel, chances are you are thinking about a 3/4" design.  Popular as interior wainscotting, this panel adds just enough texture and dimension, without overtaking a space. 

 3/4" Corrugated Product Details

1/2" Corrugated Interior

Popular due to it's slightly more subtle corrugation than it's larger alternatives, the 1/2" Corrugated is a favorite for  interior accents. 

1/2" Corrugated Product Details

1/4" Corrugated Interior

The smallest corrugation available with Bridger Steel, this panel is very popular as an accent.  The 1/4" corrugation visually creates subtle repeating lines without the noticeable variation of larger corrugated panels.

1/4" Corrugated Product Details

Tuff Rib

As one of the most popular agricultural panels, Tuff Rib is a great choice for a durable interior wainscoting for barns and garages.

Tuff Rib Panel Profile

Tuff Rib Product Details



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