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Interior Flat Metal Wall Panels

Panel Shown: Custom Vintage Flat

Metal Wall Panel System Ideas

As a flat panel, metal is a popular option as an alternative for a number of other materials commonly found in interior designs. One major reason for this is the recent desire to bring exteriors and interiors together in smooth transitions between areas. Flat metal panels can be created as hidden fastener panels, or with bold exposed fastener strips. They make the perfect option for wall panel systems.

Flat Panels Used in Home Designs

We often see flat metal panels used in focal points of rooms such as fireplaces or behind televisions. Using flat metal panels as wall panel systems in home designs can vary from kitchen backsplashes to full accent walls. They are often used in small quantities to break up room transitions, create unique doors and trim, or wrap exposed chimneys as an alternative to drywall or other common materials. Flat panel's ability to use in a variety of different wall panel systems makes them a favorite — and their aesthetics are an added bonus!  

Architectural Flat Metal Panel Systems

For tiled flat panels used in entryways, lobbies and other commercial applications, we create custom fabricated metal panel wall systems to fit the specific build. Our manufacturing equipment allows for limitless possibilities. Create your ideal wall panel system without sacrificing the strength and durability you need with out flat metal panels.

Custom Fabrication of Metal Panels

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Metal Kitchen Islands

Probably the most popular option for homeowners wanting to incorporate flat metal into their home is the kitchen island or bar surround.  The different ways you can apply this technique to your design are only limited to your creativity and inspiration.

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Flush Wall Panel

If using a traditional panel system fits more with your needs, Bridger Steel has a flat wall panel system that may fit what you are looking for.

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Wood Panel Alternative

For a unique look, we offer a V Wall System that emulates and replaces a traditionally wooden interior paneling look with a variety of color options.

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Board & Batten Replacement

Due to a number of requests, we originally created our Ultra Batten panel to replace wooden Board and Batten style paneling.  This flat panel does come with bold ribs and hidden fasteners.

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Kitchen Backsplash

A regular request is the ability to use our metal panels as kitchen backsplashes.  While this is possible, it does require some designing and planning. If this is something you are interested in please contact a Product Specialist.  Metal makes a wonderful addition to the kitchen for its durability and anti-microbial properties of our panel substrates (zinc).

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