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Architectural Metal Panel Systems

Popular Options for Unique or Demanding Projects

When working with our metal panels, you will never have to compromise your design. Bridger Steel has a huge selection of colors, profiles and finishes that are durable and great for green building. You can get creative knowing our metal panels are going to last.

Architectural Metal Builds

Architectural metal applications can vary greatly. A roofing panel in the hands of a creative architect suddenly becomes an exceptional siding panel for their particular build. Being able to support our architectural firms with tested products, customization and expertise is critical in working in the architectural metal market.

Structural Panels

We offer a number of structural panels specifically designed to meet the strict and demanding requirements of architectural builds. The 7.2 Structural and 6025 Structural both excel as decking panels. The 2" Mechanical Lock is our strongest standing seam, able to make long runs over open purlin systems. Our 7/8" Structural Corrugated Panel is extremely tough, and has the highest wind uplift rating of any of our products.


Responsible building with a focus on green design has become increasingly popular in our industry. We offer a number of colors certified as Cool Roof Systems to help reduce Heat Islands in cities, or simply to provide a greener build. To reduce the carbon footprint even more, a few of our roofing systems allow for solar panel installation. Our steel is also 100% recyclable, making it a very green choice for any build.

Metal as a Sustainable Material

Custom Fabrications

At Bridger Steel, we strive to provide the best options for using metal on their projects. Sometimes customers require customized solutions, and the flexibility of metals often creates the perfect solution.

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Product Details
2" Structural Mechanical Lock

A favorite of structural demanding designs, the 2" Mechanical Lock is among the toughest and boldest standing seam panels in Bridger Steel's suite.

View 2" Structural Mechanical Lock

7.2 Structural Box Rib

A heavy duty box rib, the 7.2 Structural metal panel system is an exposed fastener box rib.  While maintaining structural durability, the 7.2 is also popular due to it's profile as a siding panel.

View 7.2 Structural Box Rib

6025 Structural Box Rib

An extremely tough box rib panel that can also has the ability to be used as a decking panel, the 6025 is popular for it's alternating rib width.

View 6025 Structural Panel

Flush Wall Panels

Designed as a sleek, modern siding panel, the Flush Wall Panel is popular in long runs on commercial projects and works well with modern designs.

View Flush Wall Panel System

Ultra Batten Wall

Working as a rustic panel ran vertically, or a modern panel ran horizontally, the Ultra Batten wall is a modern twist to traditional siding.

View Ultra Batten Wall

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