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Commercial Metal Panel Systems

Popular Options for Commercial Projects

Commercial metal applications can place a high level of demand on a product. Proper testing, structural stability and the ability to custom fabricate unique designs help Bridger Steel satisfy our builders and architects.

Commercial Metal Applications

The commercial marketplace is filled with metal panels that can help builders and architects source the right material for their projects. Designing with commercial metals often includes a number of requirements.  

Structural panels like the 6025 offer modern designs alongside stability. Mechanical Lock offers the same structural stability as a standing seam panel. Often, unique features like radius panels come into use as commercial metals.

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam metal panels often find themselves used in commercial applications. The long, appealing lines of a standing seam can improve the sight lines of a building.  

Standing seam products also benefit from using concealed fasteners or clip systems. With concealed fasteners, the lines feel less interrupted and more uniform.

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Flat Wall Panels

A popular option in commercial metal applications is the use of flat wall panels. Bridger Steel makes all of our gauges and colors available for custom fabrication of flat wall panels to fit the needs of our builders and architects.  

Flat wall panels work well as natural finishes. As the building ages and landscaping and other time-related events take place, the metal changes alongside. This appealing feature gives the building an ever-changing visual appearance. This feature, if planned correctly, can add to the long-term appeal of a commercial build.

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Curved Metal Panels

When looking at commercial metals, an option that stands out is the radius panel. Usually used as a roofing commercial metal application, curved standing seam panels can add unique lines to a building. We offer our Mechanical Lock and Tru Snap standing seams in radius options.  

Bridger Steel has a 3/4" corrugated radius machine. This radius machine is unique in North America, and creates a strong and unique curved metal panel.  

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Product Details
3" Trapezoidal

Our newest standing seam panel is mechanically seamed for superior protection.  With a 3" rib, this panel is ideal for industrial, commerical, and large scale applications. 


3" Trapezoidal Panel

1.5" Mechanical Lock

A popular commercial roofing panel, the 1.5" Mechanical Lock metal panel system provides substansial protection against the elements.

View the 1.5" Mechanical Lock metal panel system

1.75" Tru Snap

The strongest standing seam in the Tru Snap line, 1.75" Tru Snap is a popular roofing option with a Snap Lock seal and hidden fasteners.

View the 1.75" Tru Snap metal panel system

1.5" Nail Strip

A favorite among roofing professionals, the 1.5" Nail Strip is one of the fastest, and easiest installations of any roofing or siding panel.

View the 1.5" Nail Strip metal panel system

V Soffit Panel

Available in solid or perforated versions, the V Soffit Panel is an extremely popular soffit option due to its durability and appearance.

View the V Soffit panel system

Purlin Bearing Rib

A good old fashioned Box Rib panel, the Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR Panel) has been a tried and tested panel profile for decades.

View the Purlin Bearing Rib panel system

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