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Interior Metal Panel Systems

Popular Options for Interior Design Projects

Using Metal for Interior Design

We've seen it all with interior metal designs. Standing seam panels run horizontally as fireplace surrounds, corrugated ceilings, flat wall panels as markerboards and shower lining panels. When using metal as an interior panel, inspiration and creativity seem to be the only boundaries.

Interior Corrugated Panels

Our most popular interior panels are the corrugated series. From 7/8" Corrugated used as a rusted ceiling panel to the numerous uses of the 1/4" Corrugated Panel, we have a panel for your project. A current trend we are seeing in interior spaces is the use of bare metals to bring the outdoors in. Bonderized, Vintage, Galvanized and a treated Weathering Steel are among the most often requested panels.

Full Wall vs Wainscoting

A common question we get when designing interior spaces is whether to use a wainscoting or not. What we can safely say is that interior wainscoting works well in some situations, and not so well in others. In a rustic ranch-style home, we've seen it used regularly as a galvanized complement to warmer wood interiors.

For larger spaces, the general interior design consensus is to use a full wall accent, rather than breaking up sight lines in a room. Using interior metal as an accent wall can help create wonderful transitions between the different elements of a home.

Designing Interiors with Metal

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Product Details
1/2" Corrugated

Popular as an interior or exterior panel, the 1/2" Corrugated metal panel system has exposed fasteners well suited for accent walls and DIY projects.

1/2" Corrugated Interior Metal

View the 1/2" Corrugated metal panel system

1/4" Corrugated

Seen everywhere from Churchill Downs to Walt Disney World, the 1/4" Corrugated is among our most popular panel, and the most popular interior panel around.

Decorative Interior Corrugated Metal

View the 1/4" Corrugated panel system

Valley Rib

The Valley Rib is an exposed fastener liner panel perfect for shops, garages and other working interiors.

Metal Wall Paneling Valley Rib

View the Valley Rib panel system

Platte River

An exposed siding panel with slight v-style corrugations, the Platte River panel system is an exposed fastener wall panel with very subtle lines.

Platte River Interior Metal Panel System

View the Platte River wall system

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