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    Color Visualizer


    Need help choosing between the different metal panel colors? Not sure which metal colors would work best for your projects? Try out our color visualizer to help you get a better feel of how the color would actually appear on your next project. With Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural examples, we've got you covered.

    Bridger Steel Color Visualizer

      Colored Corrugated Metal - Painted Corrugated Metal

      Painted Metal Panel Colors

      Our painted metal colors selection is among the largest in the industry. If you have a color in mind, chances are we have the color to match it.  If not, we can always create custom metal colors to match your need. Browse through our metal panel colors to find exactly what you need to achieve your desired look.

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        Metal Colors on Building - Metal Panel Colors

        Metal Prints

        Looking for something a little more unique? Our Specialty Prints offer a range of metal colors that emulate various natural patinas and patterns that add an extra element to your next project. Our metal prints will give your project texture and a unique look that will exceed your expectations.  

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          Painted Corrugated Metal - Colored Corrugated Metal

          Textured Metals

          Bridger Steel offers a unique Rawhide texture for a range of color options. This textured painted product provides a new look, along with durable protection. You'll be amazed at how these simple metal colors create an unbelievably eye-catching textured look! Explore our texture metal panel colors to see how they can transform your next project.

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            Colored Corrugated Metal - Painted Corrugated Metal

            Natural Metals

            For a natural finish, Bridger Steel carries a number of raw metals including Copper, Galvanized, Galvalume, Bonderized, and Weathering Steels. These stunning, natural metal finishes will create a classic and timeless look on any commercial or residential project. Explore our natural metal colors to see how unbelievably beautiful they can be!

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            Weathering Steel Corrugated Siding - Metal Colors

            Color Combination Guide

            Using some of our popular projects, every year Bridger Steel puts together a collection of builds that incorporate different design elements, color palettes, and uses of materials to create visually appealing designs that can help tackle challenges for our customers. These guides serve as inspiration for our metal colors and panels in real-use cases.

            Download the 2020 Guide 

              Metal Panel Colors